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2009 Supersized Income Trading 6 DVDs RRP $1999 by Greg Seker

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Product Description

Do You Have What It Takes To Make a Positive and Dramatic Change to Your Life?

Do you want to escape from the 9-5 by developing streams of income that don't revolve around you sitting behind a desk for the next 10, 20 or 30 years?

Then let me show you these 11 groundbreaking routes to profit available to you when you receive SuperSized Trading Income ...

We'll start with....

DVD #1:

Session Focus:

Module 1: Unlimited Psychological Power

  • Understanding Human Psychology
  • The Different Types of Trader
  • Human Belief That Holds Back Dreams and Goals

Module 2: Introduction To Income Trading

  • Market Trend Decision Analysis
  • The Importance of Moving Averages
  • Environments Influencing Trade Entry

Here are some of the specifics you’ll learn inside of DVD #1:

  • In this session, I’ll introduce you to a short list of trading lessons that have cost some people thousands to learn the hard way, but make other people millions! (You get to learn these lessons without the cost and get straight to the fun part)

  • How to harness the discipline of trading

  • A simple way to effectively determine what type of trader you are, so that you won't be using the wrong trading strategy

  • The SIX key trading mindsets that you need to have before you even begin trading.

  • Discover the SIX pertinent factors that influence the movements in share prices across the globe.
  • Why 80-90% of trading success is reliant on your mindset and psychology
  • How to identify when the 'old brain' is in control
  • Why 'visualisation' is used to perfect your trader skills

  • Why money management is the key secret in your trading success.


DVD #2:

Session Focus:

Module 3: Understanding Price Action

  • The Most Common Mistakes That Traders Make
  • Building Blocks of Support and Resistance
  • The Correct Price Action

Module 4: Principles of Support and Resistance

  • Convergence of Support and Resistance
  • Ascertaining Profit Points
  • Trading Cycle Fundamentals

Here are some of the specifics you’ll learn inside of DVD #2:

  • How to assess trading time frames simultaneously.

  • How to find a clear run during any trades to ensure maximum profits
  • Why the pace of movements on bars and indicators are affecting the trading environments
  • The right way in using pattern recognition to identify potential profits

  • How to make your sure that your trade entry point is the right one, and how to use strategies to confirm your decision making
  • Learn the reasons why certain price points would invalidate all trade setups

  • Find out the three main characteristics that influences price action

  • The key roles of support and resistance and how it can determine your trading profits

  • Discover the real meaning behind volumes in the stock market



DVD #3:

Session Focus:

Module 5: High Profit Chart Pattern

  • Chart Pattern Methodology
  • Continuation and Reversal Pattern
  • Base Target Measurements

Module 6: Mastering Indicators

  • The Right Indicator List
  • Early Warning Signals
  • Buy and Sell Signals

Here are some of the specifics you’ll learn inside of DVD #3:

  • Discover the true reality behind moving averages that collide and how it could affect the price movements on your charting software

  • Learn the right moving averages to trade your stock and use it to analyse your stock precisely.

  • What is the definition of the overextension from the moving averages and what you can expect on the price of the chosen stock.

  • My secret method in choosing the best type of indicators before you commence trading.

  • How to get a better trade confirmation through a combined indicator
  • Discover how you can use continuation and reversal patterns to boost your profits

  • Why stock patterns can be seen repeatedly and how they affect you

DVD #4:

Session Focus:

Module 7: Trading Strategy: Breakouts

  • Two Forms of Trading Breakouts
  • Consolidation Breakouts
  • Breakout Strategies

Module 8: Trading Strategy: 3 Day PowerPlay

  • Three day PowerPlay
  • High Probability Trades
  • Automatic Ordering

Here are some of the specifics you’ll learn inside of DVD #4:

  • Discover the most profitable trading strategy we have taught to well over 50,000 people to make money every single day.

  • How to find the right setup for my legendary 3 Day Power Play both for long and short markets.
  • A simple way to effectively DOUBLE the strength and value of your trades when these attributes work together #

  • The 7 rules of trading excellence that will become your personal trading philosophy

  • Master the art of trading breakouts and avoid red herrings and false alarms.

  • Find out why it's absolutely vital that you identify key types of breakout trading

  • Consolidation and sideway markets - how they can boost your profits

DVD #5:

Session Focus:

Module 9: Risk Management & Trade Sizing

  • Magic Ratio Between Risk Versus Reward
  • Weighing Risks
  • Leverage Products

Module 10: Maximising Profits and Stop Loss Management

  • Maximising Trading Profits
  • Stop Loss Management
  • Moving Profit Points

Here are some of the specifics you’ll learn inside of DVD #5:

  • How to use a unique risk management strategy to maintain and grow your trading capital.

  • Discover the exact formula in defining your risk/reward ratio and the mechanics that influence it.
  • DDiscover the exact point to place your stop loss and the right formula to trail the markets.
  • What can you learn from lottery winners and how it can benefit you over the longer term

  • Learn why trading is not actually about how much money you can make!

  • What are the best ways to generate consistent profit through Average True Range.



DVD #6:

Session Focus:

Module 11: Live Trading & Sharescope Setup

  • Live Trading Sessions
  • Setting Up Trading Software
  • Practical Applications

Here are some of the specifics you’ll learn inside of DVD #6:

  • How to set up your chart for long term investing
  • Learn my favourite chart software and why.
  • How to use practical applications the way I use it daily to make my profit boosting income.

  • Most importantly, discover the rare live trading sessions showing you how I make my money through trading (Absolutely Priceless!)

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