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ETF TRend Trading 6 CDs and Profit in the Newest Asset Class Manual RRP $ 1999

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If your family's future prosperity depends on your portfolio management skills...

Then this is the letter mutual fund managers and financial advisors pray you don't read... Because it will show you how to easily surpass the average yearly returns of portfolio managers each month, with lower risk.

Some free videos:

1     How to construct a conservative, moderate or aggressive portfolio    

2     What to do if the market crashes    

3     Why Women Are Better Traders    

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5     The most controversial trading video ever made (Flash)    

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7     October 9th to November 20th Free Overview    

8     Big A Quotes    

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10     The Perfect Hedge    

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13     June 12th to July 8th 2009 free overview    

14     DO NOT fall for this way of calculating performance (Flash)    

15     How to profit from Hedge Funds that hunt stops part two, easy filter to use (Flash)    

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18     May 15th to June 11th 2009 free overview    

19     April to May 14th 2009 free overview    

20     February, March and April 2009 Free Overview    

21     1-1-09 to 1-22-09 free overview    

22     Why have risk controls (Flash)    

23     Trading Psychology Tips Part 1 (Flash)    

24     How to use Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Sell Limit and Buy Limit orders    

25     12-15 to 12-24 Weekly Overview    

26     12-8 to 12-12 weekly overview    

27     12-1-2008 to 12-5-2008 weekly overview    

28     11-25-2008    

29     11-24-2008    

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31     11-20-2008    

32     11-19-2008    

33     11-18-2008    

34     11-17-2008    

35     11-14-2008    

36     11-13-2008    

37     11-12-2008    

38     11-11-2008    

39     11-10-2008    

40     11-7-2008    

41     11-6-2008    

42     11-5-2008    

43     11-4-2008    

44     11-3-2008    

45     10-31-2008    

46     10-30-2008    

47     10-29-2008    

48     10-28-2008    

49     10-27-2008    

50     10-24-2008


re you ready to discover the newest investment class that "they" don't want you to know about and how to exploit it in only 5-10 minutes per night?

This complimentary report will reveal more facts about the mutual fund industry's conspiracies and how to be your own financial advisor than in a full semester in college.

Why? Because you will be learning from someone who has been on the inside of trading for years, not a stale "never made a real dime" in his life academic professor or mutual "could not trade if his life depended on it" fund manager.

If you are not interested in achieving serious profits in your IRA, 401k or investment account over the next few months, you should not read any further.

I might get sued over this report by the financial advisors I expose. The ones charging 1% -2% per year management fees to run your retirement fund into the ground. Is it fair for you to pay their management fee while they lose your money?

The ones who keep saying to dollar cost average no matter what the market does. The ones who get mad at guys like me who share the truth unashamedly with no fear of repercussions.

Let Me Tell You What This is NOT.

  • To be clear, this is NOT about futures, options, commodities or forex trading.
  • This is NOT about day trading 10 hours per day and losing your health and family in the process of finding gold at the end of the "technical analysis" rainbow.
  • This is NOT about real estate, mail order, selling, MLM or gambling.
  • This is NOT about investing in the purchase, hold and pray method. The one that says, "Don't worry, the market always comes back." What if this time, with the current world situation, it does not come back? Or if it does finally come back, but it takes over 5 years?

What if you dollar cost average all the way to a 50% loss?
What if there was an alternative that almost assures you success?

Yes the market is moving up right now (January 2010), but what if it crashes again? Can you handle that feeling in the pit of your stomach again watching your hard earned money disappear? The dread of opening your brokerage statement? The frustration of hearing your financial advisor say, "It will come back." Maybe it will, but how long will that take?

Yes! You Can Rescue Your Accounts From These Professional Fee Mongers.

The good news is that you don't have to ever feel those depressing thoughts again. Once you learn to trade properly all those emotions will be gone, whether the market is going up, down or sideways. You'll never feel like a victim again. You'll never wonder what to do. You'll never lose sleep over the stress of losses again.

Let me share my system with you. It is 100% without any risk to you (I will explain that in more detail later).

My system literally takes five to ten minutes per night when the market is closed.

This letter is all about you. It's about your security, your portfolio and your lifestyle. What does that come down to?

Money. Money, and more of it, more than you can imagine. Enough to fill up your tank without even knowing or caring how much you paid. Enough to send your kids to any college without blinking an eye.

This is not "get-rich-quick". Those never work. When I say, "more money than you can image", I am referring to steady portfolio growth and letting the power of compounding work for you.

It doesn't matter where you live, how old you are, or what your IQ is. If you can read, write and listen, I'll teach you how to profit with my easy-to-learn method.

You may be losing money no matter how hard you try in the markets, but it's not your fault. Don't spend another minute blaming yourself.

I'd like to be your exclusive tour guide on your road to wealth. Do you know the difference between a tour guide and a travel agent?

A travel agent tells you what places are good to go to and how to get there. They are like a guy selling an investment course and then leaving you high and dry with no support and incompetent employees.

A tour guide actually goes with you and is with you every step of the way. Not only showing you the best places to go, where to save money, but also where not to go. Another word is mentor. I support and help all my students until they "get it".

There are dangerous places to go in the world of investing. Places like day trading, forex, off-shore scams, hyip's (high yield investment programs), etc.

I am qualified to be a tour guide in this particular field that I am about to reveal because I have been trading for years. I got my break when I managed a large fund. I regularly made trades of over 50 million dollars and was nicknamed "Big A".

The nickname stuck because of the size of my trades, not the size of my stature. I made enough money that I was able to leave it all behind and trade exclusively for myself. Taking 3-week vacations at a time and answering to no one.

No boss, or investors to please. Only my wife and kids. Yes in this day and age no matter how much money you make I think it's important to still be accountable to your family! That is another story for another day.

After 15 months of vacation I decided to teach others my complete system and everything I know about making money in the markets. To be perfectly candid, and I know this sounds weird to some of you, but you can only handle so much vacation. You may have heard the quote, those that retire die fast. Well I did not want that!

Plus I thoroughly enjoy helping others get total control of their personal trading and investing. I enjoy watching the light bulb go off as they "get it". I enjoy listening to my students tell the stories of how they fired their financial advisor.

Lastly I only train two hours per week in my live webinars and trade about 10 minutes per night so I still have a lot of family time, and you can to. My support team of traders (Patrick Deaton and Tucker Stipe) answer 99% of the support emails and only forward me the toughest ones.

They’ve Been Hiding The Truth From You and Trading You Into Bankruptcy.

The bottom line is that financial advisors and internet trading gurus are hiding important facts from you and I can't take it anymore. When you know what I know about the industry it makes you sick. The way most financial advisors don't have your best interest at heart.

The way they are in it for only their management fee. The way they really do not know how to trade or invest and make superior returns. I'm hoping you are the type of person who wants to be "in the know" so you can be your own advisor.

So what is it exactly that the financial advisor cronies are hiding from you? Before I share that, first let me clear your mind of anything you've ever heard about this investment strategy because chances are that it's wrong. Ready?

You'll know why I say it's the "fastest growing new investment" when I tell you I'm speaking about ETF's, also known as Exchange-Traded funds.

It's predominantly a professional market; the man on the street doesn't really know much about it or how to get involved in it.

That's why I feel like this best-kept secret has been hidden, because there's absolutely no reason why the man on the street shouldn't be in this market right now.

If you think you already know everything about ETF's or you think you are not interested, I challenge you to find another viable option that can safely make you the kind of gains I am talking about in this report. The keyword being SAFELY.

Because of the unique nature of ETF's, right now, is the time to make huge gains in certain sectors. But, there is a right way and a wrong way to trade or invest in ETF's. I will teach you the right way.

These funds have been hailed as a godsend by traders and investors that truly "get it" and understand all their tremendous advantages.

Safety, Control, Profits! Without Devoting Your Whole Life To Watching The Markets.

Most traders that are familiar with ETFs don't have a clue how to really maximize their profit potential. They have been trading them the wrong way.

It is a 600 billion dollar market that has grown over 26 fold since 1996.

In 1997 the whole ETF industry was just over 16 billion. Now it is over 600 billion. Why? It's because the institutional traders have gotten a hold of something that they know is the "new mutual fund."

The best thing is that ETF's performance is not tied to how well or poorly the stock market, individual stocks or oil is doing.

Here is the Encyclopedia definition of ETF's:

An exchange-traded fund (or ETF) is an investment vehicle traded on stock exchanges, much like stocks or bonds. An ETF holds assets such as stocks or bonds and trades at approximately the same price as the net asset value of its underlying assets over the course of the trading day. Most ETFs track an index, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the S&P 500. ETFs may be attractive as investments because of their low costs, tax efficiency, and stock-like features.

An ETF combines the valuation feature of a mutual fund or unit investment trust, which can be purchased or redeemed at the end of each trading day for its net asset value, with the tradability feature of a closed-end fund, which trades throughout the trading day at prices that may be substantially more or less than its net asset value. ETFs have been available in the US since 1993 and in Europe since 1999.

I can't give you the small list of ETF's that I trade here, but I can tell you it does not matter what the stock market does. My system is flexible and can catch both up and down moves. Plus I have a powerful software system that helps you catch these turning points with the best risk vs. reward ratios.

But Seriously? Only Five to Ten Minutes Per Night? Yes, keep reading.

So why is it mutual fund managers hate it when you learn to trade ETF's yourself? Because they don't make any money off you after you drop them. I love it when students tell me they dropped their financial advisor like a bad habit.

Most of them have never actively traded; they have only done the purchase, hold and pray method. They dislike me because my students become so self-sufficient that they don't need "advisors" anymore.

Whoever qualified those guys to give advice anyway? All they did was take a few tests. All the ones I know are from sales backgrounds and basically diversify everyone so much that they have no hope of achieving above average gains.

Mutual fund managers have lousy track records. The mutual fund industry has failed miserably. Even during the unrelenting bull market of the 1990s, nearly 90% of the stock fund managers failed to keep up with their unmanaged benchmarks.

That is a fact, look it up if you want. If you did not make the 12% per year "overall average" they claim in the 1990's you know exactly what I am talking about.

In other words, nine out of ten managers actually cost their clients money. A chimp throwing darts at the financial pages could have beat those overpaid herd followers. No wonder so many investors are firing their financial advisors and turning to self investing for better returns.

They over diversify to protect their yearly management fee. They say they do it to be conservative, but I will show you a way to be conservative while achieving serious returns in ETF's and stocks. Remember you are in complete control and don't risk a dime until you are 100% comfortable.

In fact many of you did not lose money recently. You gave it to a broker and let him invest for you and they lost it. You might be a great trader, but never knew it.

Know one cares about your money like you do. You are the best manager for your money; once you know what you're doing.

You can back test, paper trade, demo trade or forward test all my strategies for as long as you want before investing a single dime.

But, I must warn you. Once you do and see how good it works, you will lose sleep. You will also kick yourself for making such meager returns all those years.

What would 3%, 6% or even 10% per month do for your portfolio?

What would it do for your life?
On a small $10,000 account, that amounts to $300 to $1,000 extra per month. My 5-10 minute per night system average is over 6% per month.

The keyword is average and yes at some point we will have small losing months. This equals over 100% per year with monthly compounding.

If you day trade my system you can make over 12% per month with low risk.

The real power comes with compounding.

Over a few years, it literally can become 1,000's of percentage points in gains. The same $10,000 can become over a million dollars in a few years.

You see, every market is different and every trading system is different. The right ETF's (that I show you in my course) are trending markets for the most part. Plus the few stocks my software picks are at such extremes that they make for perfect counter trend trades that have excellent risk vs. reward ratios.

That is why I teach a trending system. It is the simplest to follow and the most profitable. Nothing vague here, no emotional fly-by-the-pants trading decisions for you to make.

The trends are where the big money is made. If you want to trade counter trend you must have a perfect system and high risk vs. reward ratios. With my system we trade both, but we make more when the market is trending.

My system rules are clear on how to identify a trend, where to scale in, where to have your stop losses, and where to clean out the bank (also known as take profit limit orders). We clean up during the trends.

Unlike other trending systems that lose when the market goes sideways we can actually make money, but just not as much. That is the reality of the market, we take what the market will give us.

Professional traders always take what the market gives them. Amateurs try to force the market into to giving more profits than are at the table at that time and end up losing more. Anyone who says you will make tons of money all the time is taking you for a sucker.

The starting position is small and the stops are tight so the risk is minimal on each trade. That is the only way to trade. We risk only 0.5%, to 2% on each first trade. On most trades we only risk 1% of our total account. We risk only 1% to 2% per add on trade. Like George Soros says, "It's not how many trades you win or lose, it's how much you win or lose on each trade that counts."

Too Risky, You Say?
It’s Just Too Risky NOT To Take Control And Bank More Profits!

Contrary to popular opinion you don't get rewarded for taking risks. You get rewarded for purchasing cheap or selling high. A lot of risk is not necessary with my approach. A maximum of 0.5% to 2% risk it taken on each trade.

If I wanted a hype website I could easily say, "Make 12% per week instead of per month," and not disclose that you would be risking 10-20% per trade. Wouldn't you agree that 0.5% - 2% risk on each trade is low?

If that's too high you can cut the trades in half or more, just realize that will also cut your returns in half. Still over 6% per month on average with low risk is phenomenal.

"Make 12% per week" is how hype marketing works, but not the real world of investing. Not the real world of your retirement portfolio and kids college education money. Making 12% per week might sound good at first, but when you are down 40-50% using the strategies others teach of risking 10% per trade, you won't care how much you "could have made."

With my risk controls you could be down 3-4%, but won't even break a sweat because you know you can make that much and more in one good trend.

Always remember this about risk. If you lose 50% you must make 100% to get back to break even. Also EVERY trading system will have 5 losers in a row at some point. So would you rather be down 5% or 50% when that happens?

Even systems that say they win "99% of the time" will have 5 losers in a row. It is only a matter of time. They will be wiped out, because in order to have 99% win rate you must have small targets and large stops. This is an upside down risk vs. reward ratio and destined for failure.

Trade To Live Well, Don't Live To Trade.

I am not a gambler. I sleep well at night and so do my students. What I just taught you is common sense. As a friend of mine said, "Nothing is more uncommon than common sense."

The trend is your friend and the ETF markets I pick are the best for trending systems like mine. It's so simple my 15-year-old daughter can do it. In fact, she would have a better chance than most "trading system junkies" because she has no experience and would follow the system exactly.

Do you know who your worst trading enemy is? You! Second guessing, getting fearful, or greedy. Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about all that? With my "teach you to fish" AND "give you a fish" you get the best of both worlds. That is what true mentorship is all about.

This next part might be hard to believe, but my system literally takes five to ten minutes per night when the market is closed. It will blow you away. I am so confident that I am taking all the risk out of it for you.

Putting in your orders while the market is closed takes out 90% of the emotion of trading and emotion is the #1 enemy of successful trading.

Only five to ten minutes per day means you can have your cake and eat it too. Lifestyle is what wealth is all about. It's not about slaving away 80 hours every week, working or day-trading, hoping some day to make enough to get out of the rat race.

It's about getting there in less time, investing less time per day to get there. Some of these guys selling trading courses remind me of network marketing.

They said, "I promise that if you work hard enough, for long enough you can be one of the ones that make it."

All hours of the night and early morning going to these far off 3-day network marketing meetings full of hype. Don't get me wrong, if that's for you I have nothing against it, but what about the health of your long term portfolio?

Please don't ever purchase a course about day trading unless you have ice-cold, rock-hard emotions. The kind of emotions that can see 20% of your account disappear in ten seconds and not break into a cold sweat.

If you are a day trader reading this you know exactly what I mean. If you are one of the very, very few who are successful, by all means don't let me stop you, but you might as well add what I have to your arsenal.

If you really want to be a day trader, my low risk approach truly is the best way to go.

Even though my system was designed so you only need to "work" at it 5-10 minute per night you can also day trade with it and double your profits. Day trading takes 2-7 hours of uninterrupted time each day you decide to day trade and is not for most people. Many of my complementary teaching videos are about day trading.

If you are one of the many failed day traders or long-term investors, you owe it to yourself to try my conservative, trend-following, specially-designed ETF trading program. Plus my stock software program works on the 15 minute, 60 minute and daily charts. So it works for both day trading, swing trading and end of day trading.

It's time to watch your profits grow faster, with more consistency, than you have ever imagined.

One of the nicest things about this whole concept is that once you learn how to trade ETF's, you have it for life. It is a perpetual lifelong income.

It's perpetual because once you start compounding you can't stop it, even with small $6,000 per month withdrawals. Once compounding takes over, watch out Jed, there is a new millionaire in town.

It's nice to know I can never be fired, laid off, or downgraded. In one word: freedom. Supporting your loved ones in style, while having time to actually enjoy their company. There is NOTHING like spending 1-2 hours per morning with my 23 month old baby girl and taking my wife out to lunch any day I want. Yes I make great money trading, but I enjoy the freedom even more.

Doing the things you want to do, when you want to, with whom you want to. I will never forget flying my whole family out for Thanksgiving. It was only a couple of thousand dollars, but for me it was a convenience because I usually fly out to them with my 5 kids.

I'm not sure if you have been on a plane with 5 kids, but I can tell you even with discipline it is a tough flight. Not anymore though, now I fly my family out to visit us twice a year. You see I am originally from Sacramento (where Patrick Deaton and my office is located), but now I live in Houston.

You Get Professional Quality Training In Your Home, On Your Schedule

Let me take you along for the ride of a lifetime by teaching you quickly, in the comfort of your home, how you can do exactly what I do by following my lead.

As a financial professional I wanted to do this properly, so I've used the very latest technology to demonstrate my ETF course by means of a comprehensive CD-ROM set which I back up with personal web training and support.

This includes a daily on-screen demonstration of what I myself am doing and live weekly webinars. Best of all, after I "teach you to fish for yourself," I will still be there to answer your questions.

I've spent years painstakingly creating what I believe to be the most powerful trading tool on the planet for ETF's and stocks.

You'll need access to a computer with internet connection. You just pop in the CD-ROMs one by one and sit back and relax while I walk you through the entire process live on-screen—you'll actually see me trading each week in my live support webinars and daily blog!

I set my trades up the night before the market opens and show you exactly, to the penny, where my entry, stop and limit orders are.

I've gone to incredible lengths to make this probably the best, easiest to understand demonstration you've ever seen about anything.

It really will blow you away with its simplicity and visual guidance.

Don't think that when your ETF course arrives you'll be overwhelmed with books, manuals, videos etc., etc. I've made everything embarrassingly simple; you just play the CD-ROMs one after the other and follow my easy instructions.

I'm going to show you in real-time exactly what I do and how I do it so you can copy me. No boring theory, just relax, watch and listen.

My system literally takes five to ten minutes per night when the market is closed.

I'm sure you will have a few questions after reading this so I've tried to anticipate what they might be and answer them below.


Q- What kind of experience do I need to start?

A- None. In fact if you have traded or invested unsuccessfully before, I am going to ask you to "wipe your mind clean" of all the old bad information. If you are trading successfully, please compartmentalize my system separately and follow it exactly.

Q- Can I trade my IRA or 401k with your system?

A- Yes. You can't use margin because the government that is in debt thinks they know better then you and they don't allow margin accounts with IRA's or 401k's. Overall you will make a little less, but also risk less because of a few missed trades we took using our margin. I also give you a list of inverse ETFs that allow you to sell the market. Being able to trade long or short is a great advantage for you to have with your retirement accounts.

Q- How many trades per month does the system average?

A- Only 4-8 using the base ETFs we trade. If you use the software scanner it can be higher. If you trade my larger list of ETFs to increase your returns more it can be a higher number of trades per month.

Q- How much startup capital do I need?

A- Very little. I would not recommend less than $5,000 because if you do, your risk per trade will be outside of my system parameters. Once you are 100% confident, you can trade your full IRA if you like. Even with a small account of $5,000, you could be picking up an extra $200 to $500 per month.

If you compound that for 12 months you will be up to a few thousand per month in profit based off the small starting balance of only $5,000. Remember, before you risk a dime you can demo trade or paper trade for as long as you want.

Q- Why don't financial advisors purchase your course and use your strategies for their own clients?

A- The smart ones do. They could make their clients a lot more money and hence themselves more in management fees if they did. The really smart ones start to charge performance fees. FYI- I'm not afraid that saying this will put me out of business because first of all, I don't care. I make a living from my trading already and only see this as a side hobby to help people and to expose the rip off financial service industry.

Secondly, most of them have way too much pride to humble themselves to purchase an ETF course. That's ok, it's their loss.

Q- What personal assurance do I have I will make money with this?

A- Take a look at my unique personal assurances later on. You can demo trade with it using none of your own money until you're happy it works within three months of receiving your course. Remember, we're going for a small initial entry into a trend which means low risk. No one can promise profit, or that you won't lose money, that is against the law.

Q- Do I have to trade every single day to make this work?

A- Yes, five nights a week you must take five to ten minutes out of your life. This is not a system which relies on your trading every day in the hope that the good trades will statistically outweigh the bad ones and overall you come out slightly on top! If you miss your 5-10 minutes at night you can always do it 5 minutes right when the market opens in the morning.

This does not require any time at all really. If you can't focus for five to ten minutes per day then I don't want you as a student. There's no sleeping with a computer under your pillow, or high-stress emotional trading decisions to make.

This 5-10 minute timeframe is AFTER you learn my system. It could take 2 days or 2 weeks to learn the system, that depends on you. It is not hard, but does take a little time.

Let me walk you through a typical night. Any time after the market closes until the market opens the next day, you pull up your charts. I like to do mine around 3:30pm CST, so that way once done, I'm done for the day.

You can do yours at 6pm if you want or at 6 m if you wake up that early. I then look at the daily chart and only the daily chart on my watch list of ETF's. I only trade 4 ETF's so it's only 4 charts that I look at each day. Unless I run my counter trend scanner which gives me the best risk vs. reward stocks to trade. In those cases I will look at a few more charts, but this is usually only another 5 minutes.

It takes about ten seconds on each chart to see if there is a trade or not. I told you it was a simple system; simple really is better.

That's not my quote, it was Albert Einstein who said, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Think about that. Most beginners want to over-complicate things.

They think more indicators, or fundamental knowledge is better. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ok, back to my average trading day. If there is a trade, I place a limit order to get me in the market automatically while I'm gone.

It has a predefined risk stop and profit target placed. This takes another 30 seconds or so. If I'm already in a trade on another ETF, I look at the chart to see if I got stopped out during the day, or if I need to move my stop up to protect profits, or if I need to add another position. This again takes about 30 seconds. I continue looking at my other ETF's.

If all of them are no-trade days, it takes about two minutes. If I have new trades, or need to adjust current trades it can take up to ten minutes. That's it; I'm done for the day and go on with no stress.

I know how the ETF's I choose trend and how my system catches a high percentage of them and rides them for a long time. Because of this confidence I sleep easy each night and can teach others with 100% confidence. Because of this confidence I have a return policy that I will share in a minute.

Q- I've tried trading systems before and they never work.

A- I totally agree. Most trading systems are complete and utter nonsense because frankly, the people behind them don't know what they're doing and/or don't even use it themselves. Mine is different. Why? Because it works! 

My system works in both trending and consolidating markets and as far as I know is the only system that does. One of the bonuses I'll offer on my next free webinar is how to raise millions and be a money manager. This only applies to a small percentage reading, but is worth its weight in gold. If you ever had the dream of being a money manager who better to learn from than someone like me who was where you want to be.

Remember, I'm an ex-money manager who uses this himself each and every day and I will gladly prove this to you. You will see it each night in your member's area blog as I go over the next day's trades.

If any "guru" can't trade live or the day before the market opens with exact entries, stops and limits they should be avoided at all cost. That is how I trade and that is what you should demand from anyone who wants to sell you a trading course. Those of you that have bought other trading courses know exactly what I am talking about.

We are all on the same page, watching the same ETF's on the same charts and possibly the same broker. FYI- I will let you know which broker I use who I believe has everything we need. I do not make anything if you go with them or not. If you are happy with your current broker that is ok as long as they can do sophisticated after market orders or you can set up your orders each morning, your call.

Q- What qualities do I need as an individual to be successful in ETF trading?

A: The ability to do as you're told. If you can follow my instructions, this will make you the sort of money we've been discussing. If you can't do that and insist on over leveraging, day trading, trading ETF's that I don't have on my list, not following my system's stop levels, etc., then please do not purchase.

I would rather have less hype, and make fewer sales with a few successful students than a bunch of people who can't follow simple instructions and lose their hard-earned money.

You do not need a bunch of special qualities like rock-hard emotion and the patience of Job to make it with my system. The mere fact that you want to purchase my course shows that you want help and direction, so following my lead should not be a problem for you.

Q- Will your trend trading system work in other markets?

A- Yes it will because it is true trend trading technical analysis. I believe ETF's are the best market to trade my system in, but it does work in ALL other markets. When you do your manual back tests you will be amazed at how it works in all markets. It also works on ALL time frames.

Q- Will this work for everyone?

A- No it won't. It won't work for those who can't follow simple ABC instructions. It won't work for those who "know it all". It won't work for those who refuse to follow my proven method I've perfected over the years.

Q- What indicators do you use?

A- You will notice on my complimentary videos that I have no indicators below the price charts. I can't share the specifics of my system because that is for members only, but I will share with you what my system DOES NOT use:

  • It doesn't use Fibonacci retracements, MACD, or Bollinger Bands.
  • It doesn't use Elliot Wave analysis.
  • It doesn't use Gann analysis.
  • It doesn't require any expensive software.
  • It doesn't trade off of news.
  • It doesn't use pivot points.
  • It doesn't require previous market experience.
  • It doesn't require a subscription to any service.
  • It doesn't require you to stay glued to your computer all day.
  • It doesn't use patterns like the inside day, outside or narrow range day.

What exactly do you get if you join my ETF mentorship program?

  1. 6 CD's with my full system you can watch in the comfort of your own home at anytime. There is no fluff is these teachings. You will be shocked about how blunt and to the point I am in my teaching.
  2. Unlimited email support for 12 full months. The only thing I ask is that you go through the full course, one live webinar and the FAQ area before you email me a million questions. Chances are that I already answered your question for another student in the FAQ area. This 12 month email support is why I call my system the one year mentorship program.

    Live training two hours per week in a webinar format for 90 full days. This is where we can interact directly so I can answer all your questions. I do two seperate 1 hour webinars each week. The first is for all new students and the second is for after you have the basics down. Both are recorded each week in case you miss them. I also do a rare Saturday webinar about once per month when my wife lets me. I love teaching, but love my family more so don't expect me to to a webinar every Saturday.

    STOP! Do not skim over #2 lightly. This level of support is a really big deal, especially in the trading education market. I've seen others sell this kind of support for thousands of dollars extra above the cost of their course. I hear over and over from my students who say that this level of support is worth the price of the course many times over, plus it's for 90 full days which is more than enough time to master my system!
  3. 90 day access to my advanced member's area where I often release extra bonus videos and resources.
  4. Advanced members' area for 90 full days where you can follow my lead each night. I'll show you my personal real time trades on video and my blog that I am setting up for the next day with exact entry points, stops and limits. This will reinforce your learning curve because I will show you why I took each trade according to the system rules. This is also called "giving you a fish".

    It is designed for the busiest of lifestyles. I do the work and you reap the rewards. Step by step guidance with exact entry, stop and exit points. It requires only two minutes per evening.

    The normal cost is $49 per month, but that is waived your first 90 days. You will NOT be autobilled this service in 90 days. I hate pesky auto bills and would never do that to you. If you like the advanced member's area (about 83% love it and stay) you will need to join it on day 91. You CANNOT buy this product buy itself, it is only for members.

  5. Complete manual with example after example of exactly how my system works.
  6. Quick start guide. You will be up and running 1-2 days after you receive your UPS package.
  7. Complete teaching on trading psychology and money management. No part of my ETF Trend Trading System is left to guess work. These two parts of the course will put you at the same level as a 10 year veteran institutional trader.
  8. My proprietary list of the best EFT's to trade. Using this list alone will save you mountains of headaches.
  9. The 24 month retirement plan. Follow this step-by-step plan and live the life of your dreams. But, then again, "working" only 5-10 minutes per day might be ok if you really want to compound your returns.
  10. Access to my powerful stock scanning software. How would you like to be able to scan thousands of stocks daily looking for only the best trades at the push of a button? That is exactly what my PD Trade Scanner does. I only teach two entry strategies, one for catching 99% of all new trends and one that is a counter trend strategy. You don't need a lot when you have something that works. The counter trend entry strategy is programmed into a complementary scanning software. There is no extra cost for this service. Some of my students like this so much that this is the only way they trade. An extra 5 minutes per night is all it takes to get some of the highest risk/reward ratio stock picks. I listed this last because it truly is the best part of my course and as they say it's good to always save the best for last.

*On January 10th I stopped accepting new students.

I take my mentorship seriously and want to give my full attention to my current students. Plus I need to see if all of their new accounts cause any slippage to my personal trading account.
If you have some experience with trading or doing your own investing, you wouldn't be reading my long letter today if you didn't think there was something out there that could improve your results.

If you are happy with your current results you've got to admit that "more is better." The point is that all great traders/investors I've met all had one thing in common.

They were always thirsty for more knowledge. They all considered themselves a student of trading/investing.

Do you think Warren Buffet does not still read financial reports each day looking for the next company to purchase? Of course he does.

Now my course is not about fundamental analysis because the current price always reflects all the known fundamentals, but the point is the same. The best traders and investors always add to their knowledge, as do I.

I know from experience if I can learn just one new technique or idea about trading while studying a new course or method, it's been well worth my time and money. Why?

Because the money I spent to learn that technique or method will have potentially earned me many thousands of dollars more. Not only one time more money, but forever.

Look at it this way, you will pay for your trading/investing education one way or another; either you'll pay markets in losing trades, or you will pay by purchasing courses. If you are losing now, you can't not afford my one year mentorship program.

The choice is yours. I know that if I could have bought my own course years ago, I would have. Paying for education is vastly and dramatically less expensive than "paying your trading dues" by losing.

How much is all of this trading education going to cost you? Nothing, if you consider it as an investment in the growth of your retirement portfolio.

Let me explain; an investment is something that gives you something back in return when you "park" your money into it.

Investments are expected to pay off dividends and capital gains down the road. I consider your investment in my training to be a wise decision in planning for the future growth of your portfolio.

As you'll clearly see when you receive your ETF Trend Trading One Year Mentorship Course, I pride myself on delivering value for money. If delivered in a live seminar format I would charge $4,999 plus a high monthly fee for follow up and support.

Because it is a CD at home study course and I do all my support from webinars and member's areas the price I decided upon in the end is only $1,997.

Forgive me for being so direct, but it's worth every penny and more.

Cheaper does not cost less. If you purchase a cheap course you will pay by having losses in your trading account. If they can't teach in the live market like I do don't listen to them because they are wasting your time.

On the other side of the coin, more expensive does not mean better. Many educators charge $3,000, $5,000 even $10,000 for techniques that don't work in the real world.

These "trainers" have no experience managing large amounts of money and they don't do their trade calls one day ahead of time like I do. Sure their websites and sales people are slicker than mine which only proves my point further. Do you want to learn from a real trader or a marketing corporation?

There are no silly gimmick bonuses to pad it out; what I've told you already will hopefully mean you don't need to be bribed with nonsense like that; I only want to work with serious people who know an incredible opportunity when it hits them.

Do you know what they call a big idea you sit on for a while? A missed opportunity. With the current financial crisis you can't afford to not take matters (or at least a portion of your portfolio) into your own hands.

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