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Geoff Bysshe - Opening Range Success Formula Course for Consistent Profits

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Product Description

All-New! For The First Time Ever, We Will Reveal The Closely-Held Secrets Of Top Floor Traders... And Guide You Step-By-Step To Gain The Skills And Confidence You Need For Consistent Profits

Reduce Your Daily Trading Routine
To Just 30 Minutes?

One of the most powerful aspects about the Opening Range is that it serves as the foundation to various styles of trading, at different times of the day.

So if your personal preference is to capture the initial momentum burst during the first half hour of trading, we'll teach you how to do that... show you how to find those explosive movers with our HotScans stock selection tool... and you can be done trading for the day in 30 minutes or less!

But if your style is to capture longer moves or hold trades overnight, we'll teach you how to use the Opening Range to expertly time your entries... avoid costly false breakouts... and correctly manage your risk to maximize your profit

Introducing The
"Opening Range Success Formula"

Over the years we've taught our Opening Range strategies and setups to thousands of satisfied traders.

We've also offered our hugely popular "HotScans" tool to visually scan the market throughout the day to find the hot stocks... the weak stocks... and those heavily-traded stocks.

Then, a few months ago, we stumbled on a brilliant idea...

We created a way for the average trader to learn our methods through our recorded training programs, and then with a single click transfer over to HotScans to search for stocks using the setups we just taught.

In other words, we have integrated our Opening Range training with real-world stock searching to make this training far more valuable than ever before!

And that's just one of the massive breakthroughs we made in this revolutionary new system called the Opening Range Success Formula.

The Opening Range Success Formula is NOT just another training course for traders!

Instead, this is a complete trading methodology and training system, based on a statistically proven concept that is applicable for trading any market. Together with the Opening Range training you will receive, we will also guide you by the hand for A FULL MONTH (or longer) to ensure you are successful implementing these strategies and setups in your actual trading.

This straightforward and powerful strategy helps you achieve consistently profitable results.

The Opening Range Success Formula consists of three integrated components you can access directly from your computer at any time:

The Opening Range Trading Blueprint is a comprehensive initial training course that takes you from the very beginning and transforms you into an advanced Opening Range trader using our complete educational foundation and 5 time-tested trading setups.  

Our system is based on the Opening Range and the price/volume relationship, concepts that are used by some of the world’s best traders, and offer a proven statistical edge. We developed this training based on our decades of trading on the floor, as hedge fund and managed money traders, and even for our personal accounts. The concept and trade setups taught in the course apply to virtually all styles of trading and time frames.

Our "HotScans" real-time stock selection tool is created specifically to assist you in automatically finding trades – in real time – that are linked directly to what you will be learning in the course at any given time.

You'll love the way we've preloaded your HotScans account to automatically find setups for you. It's a huge time-saver for both beginning and experienced traders looking for the best potential trade scenarios. (You'll receive a month access free when you order, details below.)

The "Opening Range Mastery Program" is a follow-up program designed to give you the hand-holding and close support you need to maximize your success with the Opening Range. This support will focus on developing your ability to practice and execute the knowledge you'll acquire in the course.

We'll show you exactly how to use HotScans as a powerful stock selection tool. As a result, you'll be able to find the right stocks to trade at the right time. In addition, you'll have direct access to ongoing live coaching to reinforce and expand on the course material... video training with exciting new ways to use the Opening Range based on real-world setups... and private access to a community of like-minded traders to exchange ideas on using the Opening Range and other important topics. (You'll receive a month access free when you order, details below.)

As you can see, we have thought through this entire training/scanning/support system to help you achieve your ultimate trading goals!

This is a complete package to give you everything you need to win: A powerful combination of a statistically-proven winning strategy... a unique stock-selection tool and follow-up coaching.. was specifically designed to bring traders to proficiency in execution... and consistency in achieving profitable results.  

The great news is that the Opening Range Success Formula is also...

Delivered To You In Our Revolutionary New Training Platform

Access everything in the Opening Range Success Formula right from your computer! We have created an amazing new training platform from scratch to integrate the course with HotScans (our lightning-fast scanning service) and then we will support you with ongoing coaching and training to ensure you're using these Opening Range strategies properly.

No one else is offering Opening Range training with the kind of experience and expertise we will give you. And the additional scanning and coaching we offer in such an integrated way is unrivaled in the industry!

Hurry and order now to begin your journey to become an Opening Range expert trader!

In order to give you the kind of totally integrated "Training/Trading" experience available only in the Opening Range Success Formula, we needed to create a completely new technology to make it happen.

The result is an elegant and easy-to-use web based interface we built from scratch!

As you use the Opening Range Success Formula, you'll have all of the training modules streamed to you right over the Internet to your computer. Which means you won't need to worry about where to store a bunch of DVDs... or keeping them clean... or forgetting where you put them.

Instead, you'll always have the entire training system right at your fingertips! And when we update the training materials or add new sections, you'll have immediate access to everything.

And, as we mentioned above, you'll love how the training is integrated with our HotScans to help you automatically find the best stocks available based on the material you just learned.

It's the ideal way to learn the basic concepts of the Opening Range... and then make immediate benefit of those concepts by actually trading with them!

As you look at everything the Opening Range Success Formula offers, you'll quickly realize two things:

  1. There's no better strategy than the Opening Range to add to your current trading
  2. And there's no better way to learn and trade the Opening Range than the Opening Range Success Formula

 With Our Straightforward Instruction And Hand-Holding,
Any Trader Can Do This

“Come on – how can it be so easy?”

The answer is simple – because we simply show you how the markets really work. Which means that it’s not only straightforward to understand how these Opening Range trading concepts work… but it’s also extremely safe because you're stacking the odds strongly in your favor.

Look, successfully trading the Opening Range doesn't require fancy math or rocket science. It's all about following the strategies with DISCIPLINE and CONTROL.

So it doesn't matter what kind of education or background you have. If you can follow our instructions and are willing to practice diligently, you can find success trading the Opening Range.

IF… you position yourself to understand these Opening Range concepts correctly… you can leverage this insider knowledge to help you…

  • Save buckets of money by avoiding losing trades… to never get caught in the huge trend days, but instead learn how to capitalize on them! (It's crucial to be on the right side of big days, and to never be caught with a devastating loss – we'll show you how to do this with the Opening Range.)
  • Set up trades with a much higher probability of success… and consistently bring in profits where you may have experienced only occasional success before
  • Crank up a steady cash flow by quickly assessing your daily trading strategy in just a few minutes each day… and potentially bag far more winning trades than you ever though possible, while also reducing your risk at the same time!

That’s the beauty of trading the Opening Range – you'll know how to improve your success rate and slash your losing trades at the same time!

The best part is that you don’t need to go to college to learn these “underground” Opening Range secrets.

We're going to give you everything we know about how we personally trade using these Opening Range techniques… and how you can start improving your trades almost overnight with these same proven methods.

Anyone can begin benefiting immediately from these money-making strategies, and it doesn't matter if you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned trading professional.

If you have the desire, we'll show you exactly what to do to make it work for you.

But if you don’t know these Opening Range Success Formula techniques, you need to know there are trading firms out there who will definitely take advantage of you.

PROOF: Traders Speak About Our Training...

"Completely Changed My Style Of Trading"

“This course completely changed my style of trading. Before this course I never looked at Opening Ranges and was not aware of it. But after this course all I trade is Opening Ranges.”

— Purab S., Morristown, NJ

"Contributed To A Reduction In Mistakes"

“When I took my first MarketGauge course, I had some doubts. I have taken several more because the value is there. It has definitely been helpful to me in understanding market and stock movements. It contributed to a reduction in mistakes.”

— Clifford H., Alpine, TX

"Especially Good Course For Day Traders And Scalpers"

"I think this is an especially good course for day traders and scalpers (like myself). The way the market is these days I don't know how anyone could consider holding a stock for days/weeks. I guess there are people who can but it is not for me.”

— James F., San Antonio, TX


"Information Provided Will Be Used Daily"

I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to trade intraday, because every day is different -- whether you are trading individual stocks or stock index futures -- and the information provided will be used daily for the rest of my trading career...GREAT class....Thank you!”

— Raymond S., Winston Salem, NC

"Easy And Useful"

Trading the Opening Range is an easy and useful way to manage trades.”

— Beryl A., Huntington, NY.


"This Course Can Help"

Most traders have no clue they just take random trades with no methodology. This course can help those traders immensely.”

Torin R., Miramar, FL

"Your Training Has Filled In The Missing Pieces"

“I know that we should let our winners run and cut losses short. However, I never understood how to determine risk/reward and set stops and targets to accomplish this. As a result, my winners were cut short and my losers ran. I have known for some time that something was missing in my understanding. Your training has filled in the missing pieces of the puzzle. Now it all makes sense to me; I am able to visualize how to accomplish a successful risk/reward. Thank you so much.”

Clint U., Flagstaff, AZ

“I’m Not Interested In Gambling”

Trading with the knowledge gained from MarketGauge courses has changed forever the way I look at and trade the markets. I now allow the markets to tell me what to do, rather than to anticipate. Or worse case, guess. That is gambling and I'm not interested in that approach."

— Clyde J., U.K.


Finally, Here's How YOU Can Become A More Successful Trader

We’re ready to give you all the help you’ll ever need. Heck, we’ve even done most of the work for you! All you have to do is follow our simple instructions and checklists. You can do that, right?

  • Imagine how it will feel when you bring in that first truly substantial check you’ve earned totally on your own through trading, and not as a wage working for someone else…

  • Imagine the pride you’ll have celebrating your new breakthrough with the most important people in your life…

  • Imagine designing your ultimate lifestyle, and not settling for average just because everyone else does…

  • And imagine how good it feels to have total control of your own happiness!

This is no pipe dream.

A lot of people make it happen for themselves every day. We’ve made it happen for us. And we can help make it happen for you, too.

It’s all available through the "Opening Range Success Formula."

Just get started now by clicking the Add To Cart button below, and you'll receive everything you read about on this page... including your FREE BONUSES!

But we have an ace up our sleeve that we need to confess…

…we KNOW you’re going to be blown away with all of the proven training and setups waiting for you… we KNOW you’ll be successful when you follow our crystal-clear instructions… we KNOW your life will change for the better with these time-tested strategies!


We’ve Learned Everything We Know The Hard Way
– So You Can Do It The EASY WAY

Yes, we’re successful traders.

But we gained our skills… developed our systems… and built our strategies and setups the HARD way.


We put in countless hours figuring out why trading the Opening Range “this” way is better than “that” way…


We develop step-by-step systems for teaching you our Opening Range concepts from scratch and implementing trading routines that work like clockwork – where nothing ever existed before…


We take scrupulous notes and put all of our “know-how” into easy-to-follow roadmaps that get you from where you are now to where you would ideally like to be as fast as you want to get there…


We make it drop-dead simple to get inside our heads and follow what we know – so you don’t need to do anything too difficult. Unless, of course, you’re one of those people who have a tough time following instructions like, “Step 1, do this…” and “Step 2, do this….”

Hopefully you can follow straightforward and easy instructions like that, because that’s how we’ve designed the Opening Range Success Formula to help you.

Why did we create it in such a straightforward “paint by numbers” way?

Because that’s exactly how we wanted someone to do it when we were getting started with our first businesses, but nothing like this existed!

Instead, you get to reap all the benefits of our hard work…

Sit Back And Let Us Show You What To Do
…And How To Do It

If you’re even a little curious about how the training inside the Opening Range Success Formula works, you need to grab your spot today and be prepared to be blown away with everything we're ready to give you, including:


How to become a full-time trader... even if you're starting part-time and want to progress to the point of having it be your sole source of income!


Develop a real understanding of how the markets workand manage your own trading rather than guessing or relying on others!


Discover multiple day trading strategies... and truly master various times of the day, market conditions, and trading styles!


Leverage your trading activity into a second source of income for more financial security


Use the Opening Range as a building block... to determine precise entries, exits, and risk control in swing trading!


Expand your trading skills to profit in any conditions... and no longer rely on extended bull or bear markets to make money consistently!


Profit from the shorter, faster market moves we're currently experiencing


Divide the trading day into 3 distinct periods... we'll show you the strategies and tactics for trading each time period!


Our quick and simple swing trading system... complete with our demonstration of how to use the building blocks of the Opening Range to catch 3-5 day swings in market momentum!


A simple day trading system... takes less than an hour each day!


Get specific entry and exit rules for your trading


The 3 best Opening Range Patterns... and how to trade them both long and short!


How to use Risk Management in your trading... we'll give you the precise rules for determining the appropriate level of risk for a given trade or pattern!


Create your own precise trading plan… works with both part-time and full-time trading!


Our top 5 "super secret" indicators… these are the same ones we use to identify the best of the best Opening Range patterns to trade!


FREE "Forever Updates" to everything we add in the "Opening Range Trading Blueprint"... to make sure you're always on top of the latest trends and techniques!


New training and information added every month...


Exciting surprises we'll reveal later to "Opening Range Mastery Program" members only!

Smart Traders Know There Is A Shortcut To Avoid Misery

Here’s the good news…

You don’t need a PhD in finance to become a smart, confident Opening Range trader. Nope – all it takes is common sense and the proper training.


That’s why we want to show you exactly how you can do this for yourself every single day:

…How to evaluate trades to make sure you’re getting in on a good setup

…How to look at the key indexes through the Opening Range concepts to determine if it's the proper trading environment to be either long or short with individual stocks

…How to make your advance plan of action so you'll know exactly what to do no matter what happens in the market

…How to get the must-have knowledge of experienced floor trading winners without wasting years at a university

Yes, trading the Opening Range is the most lucrative way we've ever discovered to create shocking levels of trading success for yourself.

But a lot of new traders without a strong background in the Opening Range ask us how they can get started. Well, they’re in luck, because it’s the easiest thing in the world to…

Make Smarter Trades Starting The Very Next Day!

IMPORTANT: Though you will benefit from these concepts immediately, this is NOT a "get-rich-quick" system. There is no such thing. Instead, the Opening Range Success Formula is a proven method of putting yourself statistically ahead of the pack.

Remember... as you learn our Opening Range strategies and secrets, you'll be discovering the true foundations of how the markets really work – not just some weird theories.

As a result, your new understanding will help you to begin making smarter trading decisions immediately. You'll learn powerful ways to control your risk no matter what else you're doing with your trades. At the very least, knowing just the basics about the Opening Range will help you avoid disaster that can wipe out some traders.

And as you continue through the entire Opening Range Success Formula program... and seriously practice the strategies we will teach you... you'll find ways to apply this to your own trading. Over the course of a few months, your skills at using the Opening Range with your own style will blossom.

You won't learn everything in the Opening Range Success Formula in one day, but you will begin to build your base of knowledge that will continue to grow until you possess the same level of understanding of the most experienced floor traders!

We use these Opening Range strategies as we trade every day. So do a lot of other highly successful traders who are enjoying the results of their new trading success due to our training.

And we’ve developed the easiest methods for sharing these Opening Range strategies and setups with you!

We're going to give you our revolutionary online Opening Range training system on a silver platter.

This system will show you exactly what to do… step-by-step… to make sure you always know what to do in any market situation.

I’ve shown you how you’ll benefit immediately from the Opening Range Success Formula… by avoiding bad trades… by drastically improving your probability of success… and through having a plan of action to guide your decisions no matter what is happening in the markets.

But I think what will really catch your attention is the fact that trading the Opening Range is…

Introducing The "Opening Range Success Formula" —
It's The Exact Trading System We Use... Complete
With Step-By-Step Details To Follow Along

This new streaming online home study system gives you complete access to all of the same strategies and techniques we use every single day to trade successfully in any market.

And we’ll show you how to use these strategies to improve your own profit potential!

Be forewarned… we will hold nothing back.

At first, all of this mind-blowing information will make you feel like you’re standing on a skateboard with a jet engine tied to your back. But then we’ll show you how to control that jet engine to achieve consistent success fast.

Then, when the real magic kicks in, I’ll teach you how to push the throttle wide open … while keeping total control … and achieve those trading objectives you always dreamed of reaching.

It has taken us many years to master these strategies and techniques.

But you’ll get everything we know – and we do mean EVERYTHING WE KNOW about the Opening Range – in this easy-to-follow Opening Range Success Formula.

More Trader Feedback...

"It Remains One of My Favourite Trading Tools"

“ I first became familiar with the Opening Range [via MarketGauge] about 5 years ago, and liked it immediately. It remains one of my favourite trading tools, not only because of its effectiveness, but because it blends perfectly with my own minimalist trading approach.

...Albert Einstein once said: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." I think he would have approved of the OR concept as presented by Keith Schneider and Geoff Bysshe. ”

— Arthur S. New York, NY. 

"Completely Revolutionized
The Way I Trade"

“ I am a a Registered Rep. 22 years in the business...

The past 9 months since I took my first class at market gauge (The Opening Range Intensive), I have used this system to excellent success. I finally feel that I have found a process that fits my style, is simple, is mathematical, is flexible and has made me and my clients money. I love Market Gauge! It has completely revolutionized the way I trade. ”

Jeffrey M., Stanwood, WA

"Tried Other Educational Groups..."

“Simply put, this is one of the best ways to determine a specific style of trading for someone who is uncertain or confused. My comment would be the appreciation I have for your sharing of your expertise and experiences. I tried other educational groups and they are too much into glitter and glamour rather than the basic and straightforward manner in which you present material.”

Bob W., Conway, AR

"Well Done And I Am Very Pleased"

“The course as a whole was well done and I am very pleased. The fact that you recorded the sessions helped tremendously in reviewing and learning the important concepts. The followup you offer is great. That is very important to keep the student involved, "hand holding " so he can build confidence in what he does.”

Dennis S., Kalamazoo, MI

Your "Opening Range Success Formula" System Includes EVERYTHING You Need To Start Improving Your Trading Success Immediately...
And Prosper Even More Over The Long Run

As we explained before, this system gives you all of the same precise step-by-step Opening Range strategies and setups we use every day.

Here's exactly what you'll receive when you register...

The "Opening Range Trading Blueprint" Streaming Course

This is the heart and soul of the entire Opening Range Success Formula. It includes 9 training modules... each focusing on a unique aspect of the Opening Range. As you progress through all of these training modules, your knowledge and confidence will grow.

And because these are streamed over the Internet right to your computer, you don't need to worry about having the DVDs shipped to you... or losing them... or wondering about updates. You'll always have the newest, most up-to-date version of this training available right at your fingertips. PLUS... you can pause, rewind, and go over this valuable information over and over again to make sure you understand everything. (Total value: $2,997)

Here are the different training modules in the "Opening Range Trading Blueprint" course:

Module 1: Introduction
We'll get you started on the right foot with this important overview of everything you'll gain through this course:
  • Meet the Opening Range Experts who will guide you through this training
  • Presentation of the Course Mission and Objectives
  • We'll walk you through our Opening Range Trading Mind Map concept to ensure you understand the "big picture" and how you'll benefit from it
Module 2: Basic Opening Range Theory
This is where we'll start to dig in on the Opening Range to give you the foundation of knowledge to improve your trading throughout your entire career:
  • Understanding the Opening Range Basics, the core of market dynamics
  • The simplicity and power of trading around any price
  • How to use the Opening Range, and which Opening Range to use
  • Easily recognizing winning Opening Range patterns
  • The most important characteristics of the Opening Range
  • The value of a disciplined approach, and how to do it the right way
  • Using the Opening Range for all trading styles – day, swing and position trading
  • Supporting documentation of every trade covered in this module to step you through each trade setup (printable for your convenience)
Module 3: Quick A.M. Trades
If you're looking for some quick trading success before lunch, this module will show you some of the fastest and easiest setups to follow for immediate gratification:
  • How to catch the morning’s initial momentum burst
  • Finding these golden trade setups with Entries, Exits and Targets
  • How to pinpoint the best stocks for AM trading
  • Great for part-time or full-time traders, we'll show you how to do it
  • Supporting documentation of every trade covered in this module to step you through each trade setup (printable for your convenience)
Module 4: Gapping Bulls and Bears
We'll show you how to take advantage of the very popular gap trading strategy, with our unique twist to properly protect yourself and find the best setups:
  • How to identify and catch the best gaps each morning
  • Gap setups with Entries and Exits
  • Placing Stops and setting Profit Targets
  • How and when to use the one minute chart
  • Fading the gap - When and how
  • How both part-time and full-time traders can take advantage of these gap strategies
  • Supporting documentation of every trade covered in this module to step you through each trade setup (printable for your convenience)
Module 5: The 10 O'Clock Bulls and Bears
Some of the best trades are available in the late morning... we call them the 10 O'Clock Bulls and Bears. We'll show you how to take advantage of these excellent opportunities:
  • Easy steps to catch the best of the late morning trades
  • Our very best 10:00 Bulls and Bears patterns
  • How to use multiple timeframes the right way
  • The right way to scan for the late morning breakout
  • Stay safe by knowing what trades NOT to take
  • Ideal for quick day trades or holding all day
  • Supporting documentation of every trade covered in this module to step you through each trade setup (printable for your convenience)
Module 6: Reversal Trades
Experienced traders know how valuable spotting reversals can be. We'll help you understand what's really happening with reversals, how to pinpoint them yourself, and how to use HotScans to automate the whole process:
  • Understanding Reversals theory
  • Characteristics and patterns of winning reversals
  • Reversal trades setup: Entries, Exits and Profit Targets
  • How to scan for reversals
  • Great for quick day trades or scaling into swing trades
  • Supporting documentation of every trade covered in this module to step you through each trade setup (printable for your convenience)
Module 7: Afternoon Trend Trades
After you've mastered the previous morning strategies and setups, you'll be ready for these afternoon trend strategies to keep you productive the entire trading day:
  • Understanding the special characteristics of the Afternoon Trend Trade
  • Seeing the Afternoon Trend Trade setup: Entries, Exits and Profit Targets
  • Tips on catching the Classic Retracement Trade
  • Finding the best trades using this Afternoon Trend Trade strategy
  • Ideal for part-time traders, quick day trades, or managing swing trades
  • Supporting documentation of every trade covered in this module to step you through each trade setup (printable for your convenience)
Module 8: Swing Trades with 3-Day Pivots
If you're a day trader or swing trader, this will be an eye-opening education to leverage your trades for even greater profits:
  • The theory behind this powerful indicator called the "3-Day Pivot"
  • Successful Swing Trades for day traders and end-of-day traders
  • Understanding and following the rules of the 3-Day Pivot System
  • Using the 3-Day Pivot as Triggers and Stops
  • Supporting documentation of every trade covered in this module to step you through each trade setup (printable for your convenience)
Module 9: Conclusion
We'll bring everything together in this final module and go back to the big picture of trading the Opening Range:
  • Summary – how to make the most out of the course
  • Avoid minefields and pitfalls
  • How the Opening Range Mastery Program will solidify and expand your knowledge
  • Finding winning trades with HotScans
  • Answering your Opening Range questions
  • Supporting documentation of every trade covered in this module to step you through each trade setup (printable for your convenience)

Our "HotScans" Real-Time Stock Selection Tool

This is our easy to use, yet powerful web based dynamic tool that allows you to visually scan the market throughout the day in real time to find hot stocks, weak stocks, and heavily traded stocks.

Integrated Stock Selection. As you go through the different training modules in the "Opening Range Trading Blueprint", you will discover that we have integrated pre-set scans links directly into the HotScans tool. Which means that we have taken the guesswork out of the equation... you'll have proven scans right at your fingertips!

In addition, HotScans also gives you valuable premarket indicators designed to show you which stocks are trading heavily in the premarket. These special price and volume premarket indicators then give you overnight relative volume so you'll be ready in the morning with your ready-to-go game plan before the market opens.

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