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Jason Fielder Triad Trading 2.0 Forex Trading with Metatrader indicator

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Fellow Trader,

What you are about to learn simply by reading this letter will absolutely change the way you approach your trading. In fact, I URGE you to read just the first section right here below, and I'm confident what you will discover in the next 30 seconds will make so much sense to you, you will want to continue further and further down the page...

Jason Fielder
International Currency Trader

My name is Jason Fielder, and I've been able to make a career out of trading currencies because of my ability to predict market trends with deadly accuracy.My friends - even those who don't have a clue about the foreign exchange market - buy when I tell them to buy, sell when I tell them to sell, and cash in big-time in the process.

For those of you unfamilliar, let me give you some quick 411 about how the wealthiest market of all - the foreign currency exchange (also known as FOREX) - works...

People and companies have to exchange their currency when going from one country to another.  In most of Europe, they use the "Euro."  So if you are in the USA, you must "buy" Euros with Dollars.  Or, if you fly to Japan, you have to "buy" Yen with your Dollars. 

With me so far...

These kinds of exchanges go on 24 hours a day across the globe and over 2 TRILLION dolalrs are echanged each and every day. Banks, countries and huge multi-national businesses will exchange currency many times a day. If a bank or other large corporation was to sit on its reserves, it literally could go bankrupt in a week.

Now, here's something most people don't know.

One minute the dollar can be up, the next minute the Euro can be up instead.   Because the economic situation changes by the minute with every news broadcast. 

Last summer, the dollar was weak against all currencies.  Then suddenly, when the price of oil plummeted, the dollar quickly shot up as one of the strongest currencies in the world

Savvy traders who know how to react made MILLIONS on that market movement in just a month!

However there is a problem.  Most traders really don't have a clue what they are doing. They are simply guessing when to buy or sell, and lack the skills and confidence to take these profitable trades that can be SO financially rewarding.  Sure they make money sometimes, but just as often, they give it all back. 

But there are some, those armed with a very specialized knowledge of how the forex markets work, that are consistently pulling profits out of the market, the kind of profits you usually hear about on the news.

And whether you are a seasoned vetran, or a total beginner it all begins with having a system that will remove the fear, the doubt the worry and the second guessing when you take your trades. And Give you what I call "Absolute Confidence" Every time You Pull The Trigger...

Triad Took Me From A Fear Ridden Part Time Rookie To A Full Time Professional Trader...

Once I perfected my flagship system, The Triad Trading formula, everything changed for me, and it will for you too the minute you begin using it.

Imagine for a moment you were a movie star. Every person you approached would instantly warm up to you, treat you like royalty, always be kind and smiling and do anything for you.

If that were the case you would never hesitate asking anyone for anything, you would have "absolute confidence" when it came to approaching anyone, because you would simply be used to getting whatever you asked for...

You would be fearless because the response you got would almost always be positive.

Now imagine this in trading terms. 

How would you feel if you had a way of trading that would only signal an entry when the probability of it being a winner was so high you never doubted taking another trade.

Now that's not to say you won't have losing trades, or course you will, but you would know that if you did lose a trade, the next winner would be right around the corner, so you would simply never be worried about pulling the trigger again.

Welcome to my world.

The world of "Triad Trading", and it can become your world too.

Now, let me begin with the 3 reasons most traders simply aren't successful, I call them the...

The 3 Fatal Misconceptions...
And They End 90% Of Traders Carrers...  Before They Even Begin

As a full time professional trader, I've come to discover that there are 3 fundamental and fatal misconceptions that that almost all traders have about the forex market.

And what's so incredible, is that is these same 3 misconceptions that are the EXACT reason most traders have a very difficult time being consistent with their trading, quit before they "turn the corner" or simply aren't profitable.

Here they are:

1. All you need is one single strategy that consistently trades the same way in all types of market conditions, and it will be all you ever need. (this is the single biggest mistake traders make)
2. Trading using a rule based system mixed with your own subjectivity or "on the fly" decision making, is better than having a system that can intelligently interpret the markets and tell YOU what to do.
3. Trading forex is difficult, complicated, and takes years to master, so as you're learning you need to "pay your dues" -  and losing regularly is to be expected (don't worry, I thought this was the case too!)

After nearly a decade of trading experience it has been my observation over and over again, that the traders who ARE successful (and I know many that are) are all aware of these dangerous misconceptions, and have taken every step to AVOID them.

And now that you are, you can already look forward to a MUCH brigther trading future, and I'm about to explain exactly why that is...

What you are about to discover here is the end game of over 8 years of "ultra intensive", back breaking, full-time testing and live, in-the-trenches trading experience.

What took me nearly a quarter of my life to develop, is yours for the taking right now...

It's a total "game changer", and I am about to share with you why my system will make the single biggest difference in your trading career... transforming you into a successful trader from the moment you begin using it...

Oh, and it's easier than you probably think. Stick with me and I'll show you how it's done.

Forex Is The Largest Market In The World, Over 2 TRILLION Dollars Are Traded Daily

And you can make money too, lots of it - because the value of different currencies fluctuate all day against each other.  They change by the minute, as investors, banks, and tourists demand more of one currency, and less of another.  And just like stocks, people can chart them and trade them. 

And here's the thing - you don't have to be a trader or investor to make money in this foreign exchange, or "Forex" for short.  No experience necessary.

What It Was Like For Me

I remember what it was like when I first started trading. At the time I still naively believed that if I could find that "ONE profitable trading system" that I'd be set for life. When I couldn't find such a system, I spent over 5 years researching and trying to develop my own, only to fail time and time again.

But then I discovered Triad Trading™ and a true breakthrough occurred. I realized that finding the one "Holy Grail" system that would be profitable in all market conditions wasn't just impossible..

...it was unnecessary!

It's now my mission to share this breakthrough with as many traders as possible, and one day even see the theory of Triad Trading™ listed among the great trading philosophies.

That's where you come in...

I want to create a tight-knit group of Triad Traders who will learn my systems, trade them successfully and help spread the word about Triad Trading™. I don't expect this "movement" to make an impact overnight, but with the right people it will soon enough. (And in the meantime we'll all make more money and become more successful traders!)

"Enter The Triad Trading Formula"

Now... it's time to pay close attention, as I'm about to reveal a little-known “quirk” in the Forex market that causes even the best trading systems to be WRONG 2/3 of the time. 

So if you're like most trader and you:

  Lack the ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE to pull the trigger on winning trades…
  Don’t have a proven, profitable trading system that REMOVES SUBJECTIVITY and emotion from your trading, and you…
  Just aren’t making as much money as you know you should be making…

Then keep reading, becasue I'm about to explain EXACLTY why that is.

Misconception #1 - EXPLAINED - Here's the deal: You need to adapt to changing market conditions if you want to PROFIT during all market conditions. In other words, you can't trade the same way all the time, just like you can't drive the same way when it's dry and sunny, vs. when it's wet and rainy, or you're much more likely crash and burn.

And If You're Not Doing As Well As Triad, 
Here's Why...

Even The Best Trading Systems Are Still 
“Wrong” Two-Thirds of the Time…

Here’s the deal: It doesn’t matter what you’re trading – stocks, futures, commodities, Forex – the markets can only move in one of three ways…

So if it seems like you’re wrong more times than you’re right when placing trades, there’s a good reason...

You're probably taking the wrong approach for the CURRENT market condition (even if it's right for one of the OTHER market conditions it won't help you if it doesn't line up with what's happening NOW)

Ok, so here are the ONLY 3 ways the market can EVER move...

  1. TREND meaning prices move in the same general direction – up or down – over a period of time…

  2. COUNTER-TREND (also known as a “sideways or choppy market”). This is a situation where prices change very little over an extended period of time, and…

  3. BREAKOUT (this occurs when prices “break through” to a new high or to a new low)…

That’s it!

I don’t care if you’re day-trading, swing trading or making more long-term plays, the market can only ever be in one of these three patterns.

But here’s the bad news: Systems are almost exclusively developed for ONE market condition.

So with most systems, 2/3 of the time you’ll either be WRONG or you’ll be sitting on the sidelines.

Remember the "quirk" I mentioned above?

Maybe now it makes sense why your trades haven't been going as well as you'd like?

Now you can see why pulling profits out of the market consistently over time is slim to none, because most systems only work in one market condition, and without a way of auto-identifying which pattern you are in, you aren't going to know the best way to trade it.

This leaves you with at best a 1/3rd chance of getting it right, and that's if everything else goes your way!

What do you see when you look at this chart?
Here’s What I See…
How About This Chart?
Again, Here’s What I See…

Oh, and by the way this was first talked about by French mathematician Louis Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Bachelier (often referred to today as the “Einstein of Finance”) in his 1900 PhD thesis, the Theory of Speculation in which he said:

“Random noise [i.e. counter-trending] is what defines the normal market behavior. There are only two other types of market movement that are outside of the zone of random noise: market spikes [i.e. breakouts] and trends.”

At this point you’re probably asking yourself, “What’s the point of all this? What does this have to do with becoming a more accurate, confident and profitable Forex trader?”

Well,  if you’re like most traders (who only trade trends or breakout systems), you now know why you’re in “sit and wait” mode the vast majority of your trading life... or you are taking bad trades when you jump in, because you did not properly identify the correct market condition.

...65% of the time, the markets just aren’t doing what you need them to do to make money! 

Now is it starting to make sense?

And once you are intimately aware of the three market conditions (and which condition the market is currently trading in), it offers you a massive advantage over all other traders! And here’s why: Most traders I know only trade one or at most two market conditions: trends and breakouts. Unfortunately for them, trends and breakouts only occur about 40% of the time, which means 60% of the time you’re either sitting on the sidelines or…you are trading the markets as if they were behaving differently than they actually are, which is the MAJOR reason you are losing on so many trades. 

It would be exactly like going to work on a construction site with the wrong tools 60% of the time - you aren’t going to do a very good job, and eventually you would get fired. So trading the way you likely are right now is going to slowly drain all of your resources till you bring your account to ZERO. 

To put it another way, your current approach may be…


Why you’re wrong more times than you’re right…


Why you’re still nervous when it comes time to pull the trigger…


Why you’re not profiting consistently and are still looking for something to get there…

Now that you have an understanding of the three market conditions, using Triad, you can use this powerful yet little known phenomenon to increase your accuracy, confidence, and PROFITS trading the Forex.

Enter TRIAD's Auto-Adaptive Technology

This is the essence of TRIAD Trading...

And if you want to become a better Forex trader, here’s the BIG SECRET that professional traders won’t tell you

You see, to truly make money in Forex, you need to have a deadly-accurate system that can both read and instantly identify which type of market condition you are in at ALL TIMES. And you won't discover such a system on CNN, CNBC, in the Wall Street Journal or any of the other financial news networks.

And while there are other, far-less-expensive, Forex systems available (in fact, you've probably even purchased one or more of these "pseudo-systems" in the past), none of them have the power, the accuracy or the potential to do what Triad does.

Here's What Makes Triad Better...

Unlike virtually every other Forex trading system on the planet, Triad is fundamentally designed to adjust the trades it takes based entirely on which market condition exists at the time each trade is placed.

Basing your trades on yesterday's news is like placing your cards face-up on the table and giving up.

If you are to profit on a regular and consistent basis, which you NEED to do if you want to trade for a living like I do (or at least for a healthy supplemental income) you need a system that "auto-adapts" to constantly changing market conditions.

Here's another way of looking at it: Most systems are built like summer tires. They can do ok when the roads are dry, but will crash and burn when the weather turns nasty.

Now think of TRIAD as trio of high performance racing tires


And now imagine having a button in your car that changes those tires on the fly…
while you're still driving!

 Well that’s exactly what it’s like when you’re trading with the power of TRIAD!

In fact, with Triad it's even better because you don't need to push the button. The system is "intelligent" enough to do it for you.

Here's an example: This chart shows how effective Auto-Adaptive Technology is, as we are smoothly transitioning from one market condition to the next. Notice how no matter what condition the markets are trading in, TRIAD adapts and profits all along the way... 


SIDE NOTE: This, by the way, is why I don’t like most “black box” trading applications. The developers of these systems hide almost every aspect of how their trading system works, so it’s virtually impossible to fit them into a greater trading strategy (i.e. portfolio).

So if you haven't yet fogired it out, TRIAD is actually a combination of three independently profitable trading strategies (hence the name, “TRIAD”)

Strategy #1: Trend Finder
Strategy #2: Squish-Squash
Strategy #3: Target Breakout

And the real benefits to trading TRIAD don’t come until you start trading all three strategies AT ONCE!

The problem, however, is that most of the traders I've met DON'T HAVE three independently profitable trading systems in their portfolio. They have one that works 1/3 of the time at best!

And now you may be starting to see why your trading hasn't been as profitable as you'd like!

(45.57% more profitable to be exact)

 …it’s also a lot MORE FUN because you’re in the market and placing trades while everyone else is sitting on the fence.

But that's not all, it gets even better, because there’s ZERO SUBJECTIVITY…

TRIAD always gives you clear stop-losses and take-profits, so potential down-sides are protected and your profits are established before you ever take a single trade!

And that's because...

I Completely Eliminate 100% Of All "Second Guessing"

Anyone who has traded before knows the hardest part is handling your emotions! Should I take this next trade, or skip it? Should I get out now, or hang on a little longer. Should I cut my losses or wait till it turns around? How many times have you second guessed yourself, only to kick yourself for not taking a trade which turned out to be a winner. Or held on far too long to a loser, turning a small loss into a total wipe out! 

With Triad the guessing games are over. 

You'll always have an extremely simple yet explosively powerful rule set to follow, and you'll always know exactly when to take your next trade.

Next You Need To Understanding The "Subjectivity Gap"

Let me be blunt for a moment.  Most systems, education and training don't work for most traders for one simple reason. They teach you theory, they teach you strategy, but they never teach you the last 10% of what you really need to be successful... how to make a spontaneous "Subjective" decision.It's the ultimate irony, because you are so close, yet so far, it's the last 10% that make ALL the difference. Also perhaps we have a picture of a mountain with a caption something like "It's like being within a stone's throw of the peak of a mountain, but not having the ice picks to make it up  the last 50 feet"

You see almost every system out there has a subjective element to it, it's just how most systems are designed. And there's a good reason these subjective systems don't teach you how to get past this problem. You can't teach it, it's just not possible. And unfortunately it's what separates winning traders from losing traders. 

No matter how much theory you learn about trading, most systems come down to making a last minute subjective decision, and unless you have many many years of trading experience under your belt, you just not likely to make the right decision often enough to pull profits out of the market.

Which is exactly why you may be struggling right now (don't worry you are not alone, we hear this ALL the time.)

So how do we solve this problem? Simple. 

Since we can't teach how to make a subjective decision...

We remove it.

With the power of Triad behind you you will always be given exact entries and exits as well as pre-set stop losses...

On every trade you take!

This allows every Triad owner to take the exact same trades as I do, the same trades I take to make my living as a full time trader. And when you become an owner of Triad, you will be taking the exact same trades I take.

How often have you help on to a trade too long our of greed and then hopeless watched as the market took back your profits?

Or... sold too soon out of fear, only to watch the price you "thought" would drop go up instead?

Aren't you a little tired of letting you emotions "interfear" with you trading?

With Triad the fear and greed... are annihilated


No more second guessing


No more "over trading" to make up for losses


No more kicking yourself for missing huge moves (I catch almost all of them)

In other words, GONE is the subjectivity

As you're learning the power of the Triad Trading Formula, we advise most new owners to start with a practice account, so they don't risk a dime.  (And if you don't have a practice account, don't worry. We'll show you how to get one in about 90 seconds.) Only when you're ready and have demonstrated to your own comfort level that the system works for you, do you use real money.

Once you've proven to yourself that you can make real money QUICKLY, you're ready to step up your trading.  You don't do anything different except move from the "cheap seats" to ring side seats.  Suddenly, you're making bigger, higher-profit trades doing the same thing you were before.   Because...

This is the magic of our plan... once you know it, you can trade larger lots and take far bigger trades without changing anything but the cost of admission.    It's that simple!



Triad Owner Testimonialn

Jason - This email is my small attempt to counteract what I perceive as an excess of negativity and distrust in the retail forex world. I need absolutely nothing from you except to express my gratitude for the development of your system.

I realize I sent you an earlier email expressing confusion regarding the way the indicator arrows paint, and you appropriately redirected me to the training tapes and manual. I have examined dozens of forex systems and dealt with many highly touted (mostly by the vendor) systems. 

I can't recall when I have dealt with someone of your integrity and commitment to your customers/ trainees. I realize that by joining the triad group I have an opportunity to become something of a rarity: a genuinely successful retail forex trader. So thank you, so much, for your hard work. 

 - Darrell Summerled 

So let's go quickly now, because here's ...

 How I Can Help You Get Started In Forex FAST!

Remember misconception #3?

Let me remind you in case you've forgotten what it was (it's a BIGGIE) and worth repeating:

3) Trading forex is difficult, complicated, and takes years to master, so as you're learning you need to "pay your dues" -  and losing regularly is to be expected (don't worry, I thought this was the case too!)

Well how about this...

Imagine simply watching your computer for 2 hours or less per day, or if you prefer...

Trade in under 15 minutes per day, taking the signlas I will send to you for free while you are getting started...

The very same trade signals I used to generate...

Nearly 6000 pips last year (and that was JUST with my swing trades...)

That's how it goes when you have a blueprint and tools like I'm about to send you ... with your permission, of course.

Let me explain why most trader take YEARS to get to the point where they are consistently profitable. The reason  they do never ceases to amaze me (but I must admit, it took me years myself), however I didn't have the advantage you do right now, becsaue when I started trading, I didn't have Triad.

You see, the large majority of traders, try to learn various methods of trading, typically run multiple lagging indicators all over their charts (which overcomplicates what's really going on) and use and far too much descretion.

In other words, they are making decisions based on what they THINK will happen in the future, typically with not NEARLY enough experience to have any real idea of what the markets will actually do.

But with Triad, you aren't left to make the important decisions on your own. Instead, the system is always analyzing what the current market condition is, and guiding you to place your trades based on it's built in intelligence.

TRIAD gives you lines and arrows so you always have crystal clear entries and exits. 

But that's not all...

TRIAD also gives you clear stop-losses and take-profits, so potential down-sides are protected and your profits are established before you even enter the trade…eliminating the "complication factor" that stops most traders from geting over the hump and continuing on to become professional calliber traders!


And remember, there's...

No Experience Required!

In fact, I prefer it that way.  I won't have a lot of myths and fairy tales I'll have to help you un-learn.  No bad habits to break, which, by the way, is why many people in Forex go broke.  They never learned a simple, solid, proven way to extract money from the market.

They don't have a proven system to show them the way.  They don't have a mentor to hold their hand.  They don't have an "auto-adaptive system" like you will - and they definitely don't have indicators that tell them to buy when the arrows are green, and sell when the arrows are red!

So if you can follow colored arrows, YOU can trade Triad!

So as you can plainly see, when you have a roadmap that literally guides you through the minefield that the forex market can be, you are in FAR better shape!

Most traders learn bad habits.  They sit and stare at charts all day.  They listen to "Squawk Box" for tips.  They trade with the discipline of an impulsive 3-year-old with ADD.  This is why the government requires we say that you can lose money in Forex.  Because for some people, it's like handing a loaded pistol to a chimpanzee. 

That's why I like to teach new people - if they learn the right way from the start, I don't have to go through all the mental restructuring that I would with a trader who's experienced - but loses. 

I'll share something with you ... I got to be a very, very successful trader because of the Triad Trading Formula.  And I've made other people very successful as well. 

Even A Complete Beginner Can Trade Triad...

The reason why a complete beginner can trade like a pro is because Triad exposes the inner workings of the market.  No one else has this kind of information!  You actually get an understanding, an insight into what's going on that would be impossible outside of a high-tech trading room in an international bank.

Yet it's so simple to learn that a 12-year-old could master it.

Now really, I'm not trying to be cocky when I say this...  but if you can't make high profit trades once you thoroughly understand the market, then you need to find another career.  It's like being given a GPS and a roadmap for a well-marked road, lit up with 2000 watt streetlights ... and a guide to hold your hand the entire way.

So here's the deal - what I'm offering you is the last money-making system you'll ever need to live in the wealthy life-style of a high-powered trader, no matter WHAT the economy is doing.  In fact, if you're not going crazy trying to find the order button right now, then your greed glands must be on life support!

Or worse.

Truth is, trading with Triad is not rocket science.  In fact, it's almost embarrassing how easy it is to learn, and how much money me and my member's been making with it.

But it does require the ability to take minimal action.  It's the least I need a member of my crew to be able to do.  
So take the simple action of clicking on the button below, and I welcome you aboard.  We're going to earn a ton of cash together!

And every-day traders?  My students blow them away.  It's easy to get that good with the simple method I give them.  In fact, they'd be downright bored, if it didn't make so much money for them.
And you're next.  Because I'm finally ready to unveil...

Then there’s the question of time-frames...and it’s here where TRIAD really shines...
That’s because TRIAD can be traded on 
virtually any time-frame

That’s because TRIAD can be traded on virtually any time-frame…from 15 minute charts all the way to weekly charts…

So whether you like to scalp the markets all day, every day, or you’re more of a swing trader…

…TRIAD will fit seamlessly into YOUR trading lifestyle.

Triad's Click and Take Profit System

Yes, I know what you're thinking.  It's supposed to be complex, dangerous, etc.  Let me assure you, I'll take you by the hand, and we'll do baby steps together.  With my paint-by-numbers method, it's not difficult if you can follow simple directions. 

But first, here are four facts about this Forex market:

  • This market is made up of the buying and selling of currencies.  Pretty much every country on earth is involved, but the four major ones are the United States Dollar, the British Pound, the Japanese Yen, and the European Union's Euro.  

  • Obviously, this market is HUGE!  It involves literally all the money in the world!  The amount of money that goes in and out of it every day - called the "volume" - is 30 times the size of ALL the stock markets around the world combined.  It trades $4 Trillion dollars worth per day.   That means there's no way it can crash.  No way it's subject to "insider trading."  No way it can be manipulated by back-room Wall-Street thugs like Bernie Madoff and his gang.  And no way can someone else like hedge funds tell you they can't give you back the money you invested. Why?  That kind of volume of cash is impossible to influence.  

    And more importantly...

  • There's no central exchange.  It's not like there's some physical location where everyone trades Forex.  It operates through a electronicly connected network of banks, brokers, people, government agencies, and companies that specialize in trading one currency for another one.  This means...

  • It's traded all around the globe, in every time zone.  It's a 24 hour market.  You can access it at 3:00 AM in the morning if you want.  The money stream is always available to tap into, except Saturdays, and Sunday morning. 

You may now be getting an idea why all those banks and hedge funds were making the billions they were before they bought bad mortgages.  They should have stuck with Forex. 

Look at Warren Buffet, the world's top investing mind, who has invested more than $10 Billion in currencies!  Or George Soros, probably one of the most respected fund managers on the planet, played a hunch that the British Pound was going south and pocketed over a BILLION dollars - in one single day!

You probably know Chrysler makes cars, but most people don't have a clue that in some quarters Chrysler has made more money by investing in Forex than it did from selling cars!

Once upon a time there was a man who wanted to climb a huge mountain. He bought the best equipment, hired a guide and began the climb. It was grueling.

When he reached the summit his moment of triumph was immediately shattered when he saw a young boy on the top.

"How did you get here?" the climber wanted to know.

The young boy answered, "I took the helicopter."

Triad is the helicopter that gets you to the top.

So just to review...


TRIAD auto-adapts to ALL THREE MARKET CONDITIONS (meaning you profit while other traders are sitting on the sidelines…


It gives you crystal-clear entries, exits and stop-loss signals (so you always know EXACTLY when to get in and when to get out eliminitating that long and hard learning curve), and…


It’s works for all time-frames and all traders (including SCALPERS and SWING TRADERS)…

"And Triad  Gets Exciting When You Discover It's Advanced Double-Down Multiplier Strategy"

This is where the real fun starts!   Ever watch Jeopardy?  They have something they call the "Daily Double."  It's real close to what I'm about to reveal here...

This is a strategy that I learned when trading in the elite hedge funds of the ultra-rich.  You can't get it anywhere else.  Anyone who knows it won't teach it - because the Double-Down strategy is both their meal ticket and their ticket to wealth. 

It's like walking into a Las Vegas casino, taking the "house odds" and putting them in your favor. Under the right market conditions, Triad will tell you when it's time for the "Daily Double".

If you stick with the system and don't spend all your winnings on fancy cars and vacations, you could be the envy of all of your neighbors who are wondering why they have to commute, sweat and curse their bosses while you make it look so easy working from home.

But There IS A Flaw With My System...

My system does not win every single time. No system can. And I'm going on record in telling you that I have losing trades. HOWEVER, I've gone from being a struggling insurance adjuster, forced to travel 5 days out of every week just to make a buck to a full-time Forex Trading Professional.

So no, my system isn't perfect, but it sure did change my life. And since you'll be taking the exact same trades that I take, I feel confident that it can change your life as well.

And when you're at parties and people want to know the secret to your success and flat out ask you what you do for a living, they'll be blown away when you say...

   "I'm an International Currency Trader"

Behind you're back they may call you "Warren Buffet" or "Mr. Rockefeller", but they will be jealous of your success and beg to discover your secret. Even if you tell them about Triad, it won't effect your results with the system. You can continue to experience results better than you've dared to dream.

It's actually a little scary how much people actually make trading Forex. Once you have a system - just like the pros use - you'll be able to trade with confidence every time you "pull the trigger".

It's how the rich make their money during the recession.  And until now, no one's been willing to let the cat out of the bag.  And they don't have to, either.  The mystique of foreign currency exchange holds enough intrigue as it is for newcomers.  Like a professional magician, they try to keep your eye off where the real money is.

By now you must be thinking that a market like the Forex is surely...

"The Worst Kept Secret Ever"

And you'd be right.   Sure, they'll let you see part of it.  But not the part I'm going to show you, the part where the pros have been siphoning money off for years... perfectly legal, but kept secret from the public.

In fact, Forex has been given a bad name on purpose, since most people don't have a clue of how it works.    And to keep their eye off the ball.

There's little money in it for the media and mouthpieces in the financial world.  It's too big for corporations to manipulate.  CNBC can't make the foreign exchange sound exciting.  And since there are no commissions to pay for investing in it, brokers hate it.

It's no wonder Forex gets more bad press than organized crime.

  • Stock brokers say it's dangerous... but it's less volatile than their high-risk stock market!  Especially after they lost everyone's retirement money...

  • And there are no big-time pinstripe suits around to run off with your money

  • They say it's risky ... but it's not possible to manipulate an entire currency like you can shares of a company

  • They say you HAVE TO lose a lot of money ... Oh, really?  Like the "guaranteed" bonds and mutual funds they sold us for years, which are now worth... squat?

So, if someone tells you that Forex trading is dangerous, nod your head and agree with them.  Tell them they can lose a lot of money.  Then smile and ask them if they've ever heard of "The Human Computer".

When their face goes blank and their eyes get that vacant look, just smile again.  And pat your wallet.

See, the truth is...

"The Foreign Exchange Market Is the 
Last Best Hope for the Small Investor 
Who Wants To Amass Wealth"

And especially right now...

Here's why:  the smart money is fleeing Wall Street in a panic.  Even Merrill Lynch reported on January 12, 2009, that big investors are "dumping" stocks and mutual funds. 

And they're headed straight to the nearest Forex broker.

Which brings us back to where we started: the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make money from this.  With the flood of new people getting into Forex, you can get on board now to get in ahead of...

And all the rookies, without a winning method like you have, will be lining up to give you large portions of their money. Because in Forex you're either trading with the pros or against the pros. Where would you rather place your bets?


Triad Owner Testimonialn

You may be the only one who delivers what he preaches. Thanks for your genuineness and integrity. No telling the great rewards you will receive for helping so many people. This is awesome and awe-inspiring that you are literally serving many, many people and to imagine that you are a key link in their process of growing and reaching newer heights and dreams. Thanks for being so selfless.

Richest blessings,
Anne Small


How's that for making money during one of the most difficult economic times in history?

This system can show people from total newbies to Forex trading professionals a simple, easy system that works...even in today's challenging times.

Because with the system you'll be getting for your new Forex business, you'll be activating...

A "Legal" Unfair Advantage?"

For the first time anywhere, you get an unfair advantage over other people in Forex with your new high-end (but deceptively simple) system ... Triad gives a newbie the trading savvy of a market veteran, with the power to find...

  • The "Money Zone," a specific area around where you enter the market ... where you place your profit target and your safety exit for maximum profit.  Look, anyone can enter the market at any time.  But my strategy sets your money targets and safeties to automatically make and close trades with massive profits ... these new tactics will make your bank balance soar!

  • How to master this new technology in the shortest time possible ... while you'll learn everything those rich guys paid tens of thousands of bucks for!

  • Why as a "beginner," you're able to use Triad to quickly surpass sectd traders ... even if you don't spend years learning!  (In fact, the lessyou understand about what the "experts" try to tell you, the faster you'll be capturing profits and making the kind of cash you could only dream about before!)

  • How to master Forex faster than anything else you've ever attempted.  Even if you know nothing about investing!  In fact, the less you know now, the easier it will be for you to make cash in the markets!

  • A clever "Mechanic's Guide" to finding multiple quick winners!  Get ready for a graduate class in Advanced Short-Term Forex - what you're about to make will rock your world!

  • The "correct" way to enter the market ... which instantly "nails down" your trade's accuracyThe more laser-like your entries and exits, the more exact your profit targets and odds of reaching them ...Triad gives you the precision of a heat-seeking missile on a cash making rampage!  (Just think about how much fun you'll have hitting the market like a pro and cleaning up on the maximum revenues possible!)

  • Puts you smack inside the same "High Profit Making Zone" the best pros get into to trade the mostconsistent, stress-free and deadly perfect trades you are humanly capable of ... EVERY TIME YOU TRADE!  My software scopes out the strongest currencies to trade for, and the weakest to trade against - it's like a million-watt money beacon!

  • It's very quick to learn to use Triad ... you'll zoom through it in about the time it takes to watch a couple of Seinfeld episodes.  It's fun, too - like Xbox and Nintendo for adults!

  • Yet ... it's PACKED with specific pro-level skills that you will learn without even knowing you're learning them!  How?  Because I'm a sneaky teacher ... and these Frankenstein lessons have been constructed to secretly stuff amazing Forex skills directly into your brain.  Yet, to someone watching you, you'll look like you're just fooling around having fun on your computer ... while you rake in a fortune!

  • And ... your new super-polished skills will automatically show up in your bank account on the very first big-winner!  Plus, these skills will be there for you forever ... allowing you to start out each new session with awesome accuracy, precision, and profits ... and just continue to get better each and every time!

Here's the bottom line: even if you've never placed a Forex trade in your lifetime, you'll get an easy-to-use system that puts you on a par with the most sophisticated, high-powered, wealthy traders in the market. 

And with this secret weapon, they'll never even see you coming...


Triad Owner Testimonialn

Hi Jason

Last night I did purchase your "stuff"...
I want to let you know that so far I am VERY impressed.

I have been around the trading world for years....and this is the first
system that I have seen that is so well described and documented.

Best wishes
Keith Aitken


"If You're Serious About Actually Making REAL Money Trading Any Market or Time Frame You Desire, Triad Trading Formula Is The Best Way I've Seen To Get You There..."


Triad is a comprehensive Forex trading education…that’s designed to turn even 
beginner traders into experts!

Have you ever heard the phrase…

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime…” 

Well as nice as that may sound, my personal philosophy is to GIVE YOU A FISH…and then to teach HOW TO FISH (assuming you want to learn)…

DVD #1: Getting Started & Software Setup


The first module is where I give you the “fish”... 

In less than 20 minutes you will have the incredible power of TRIAD and fully operational on your trading platform.

No time wasted, no fluff. Just select your time-frame, then buy when the arrows tell you to buy and sell when the arrows tell you to sell. 

In less than 20 minutes you will have the incredible power of Triad and your trading platform in full operation, running seamlessly on your computer.

No time wasted, no fluff. We show you how to getup and running, and how you can begin watching your charts...in a whole new light, from day ONE!

Get ready to begin trading TRIAD STYLE! It's a whole
new beginning.



DVD #2: Swing Trading With Triad


Of course, if you want to learn more about how TRIAD works and develop your trading skills even further (in other words…learn how to fish), my suggestion is that you continue on to Module 2…Swing Trading!

And if you think swing trading is boring?

Think again! Triad's swing trades are some of the most rewarding features of the entire system, because it's almost like having passive income. 

Why passive?

Because this is where you catch the BIG moves, with almost no time invested. Taking less than 10 minutes a day to set up and adjust your trades, this is hands down the most time efficient method of trading.



DVD #3: Laser Scalping™ With Triad


In Module 3, I show you my tested and proven scalping strategies that will enable you to legally “steal” pips from the market…

Whether you want to trade market opens, pre-news releases, or just sit down when you have some time and trade with power and confidence…this module will show you exactlyWith Triad There's nothing more exciting than sitting at your computer for just an hour or two each day grabbing your pips away...

We call it laser scalping because Triad's unique technology allows you to be as sharp as high intensity laser when it comes to identifying short term opportunities in the fast moving forex markets.

Whether you want to trade market opens only, pre-news releases, or just sit down when you have some time and trade with power and confidence this module will show you exactly how to do that.

At this point in the training you’ll have an excellent understanding of TRIAD and how it works. But for those who truly want to MASTER Triad, I’m going to suggest that you review Modules 4 – 6 as well…

So, if modules 1 -3 are like learning to drive a car…modules 4 – 6 are like learning how to re-build an internal combustion engine…

In other words: Just like you don’t need to understand how engines work to drive a car, you don’t need to understand how each individual strategy functions to trade TRIAD!  But for those who want to take a peak under the hood, we offer that as well...

DVD #4: Trend Finder™  


Trend Finder™ is Triads trending system,
and is designed to do ONLY one thing: catch critical, legitimate trends without getting caught in false breakouts, or missing the major moves. 

In this module, you will learn all the rules and the exact methodology behind Trend Finder to help you avoid the false breakouts, and get into the massive moves that can often make your entire trading month.


DVD #5: Squish Squash™


Odd name, but a deadly powerful component
of the Triad Formula. Squish-Squash™ jumps into action when the markets are choppy. 

When most traders are sitting on the sidelines Triad traders capitalize on the unique Squish-Squash™strategy by using our proprietary Momentum Filter™which is able to pull out multiple "smaller target" trades repeatedly.

This module will teach you exactly how to identify the difference between these false signals, and the trades that you don't want to miss! 



DVD #6: Target Breakout


A breakout system in your portfolio is vital to making the most amount of money you can in the market in the shortest amount of time. 

Triads Target Breakout™ strategy specializes in pinpointing the most likely location to find potential breakouts—and catch them as soon as they appear.

 Locking in profits is much easier if you are able to identify when the trend is beginning, and can get in sooner rather than later.

In this module you will learn how to identify when the trend is beginning, how to know when the time is right to jump in, and how to protect yourself from entering too soon and getting stopped out. 


Triad's Full Color Comprehensive Manual

Triad's comprehensive Tradeing Manual included with your course package has several key sections. You'll have examples of each of our main strategies including chart examples for the multiple time market conditions and frames it trades. Sections on trading hours, trade placement types as well
as exit strategies are included. 

But REMEMBER, no studying is required to learn Triad, you can just plug it in and GO!

This is for thoes who really want to know what's under the hood, and if that's not you, no worrries, you can begin trading Triad from day one with our "plug and play" indicators.

For thoes who do, ,oney management is discussed along with position sizing.  The manual is a roadmap of the different components that make up Triad,  easy to follow guide with charts, and content that will assist you in getting started quickly with the course and mastering the strategy.

But Who Am I and Why Should You Even 
Listen To Me?

My name is Jason Fielder, and I am a professional trader. A dang good one at that.

The fact that you haven’t heard of me is no surprise. I have never been comfortable in the spotlight and have purposely remained “underground” for the better part of my trading career.

I don’t write books…
I don’t try to get on CNBC, and…
I don’t go from city to city doing “dog and pony shows” so I can sell a room-full of people my overpriced, piece-of-crap, blinking-light, “black box” software.

I’m a trader, a system developer, a husband, and an amateur surfer (not necessarily in that order as my wife likes to remind me), and those four activities never left room for much else.

Now let me tell you a bit more about me...

In 2004 I Had a Job that Paid Me a High
6-Figure Salary.

The Only Problem Was I Hated My Life...

I've been studying the financial markets for the past 18 years and have been an active Forex trader for the past 7 years. But it wasn't until 2006 that I become a full-time, professional trader.

You see, once upon a time I had what most would consider to be a pretty good job. I made very good money and got to travel quite a bit. The only problem was, I had no time to enjoy it!

My life lost all balance:

  • I was constantly sick from lack of sleep and over-work (and taking a sick day was NOT an option)...

  • I barely saw my family because I was out of the door before they woke up and didn't get home until most of them were in bed...

  • My friends didn't even bother to call any longer because they knew I couldn't go out...all I did was work! (Maybe you can relate...)

And for all I know, things would have remained that way had I not been awoken one night with a sharp pain in my chest.

I've Never Been So Afraid In All My Life.

I Thought My Heart Was About To Stop...

This was one of those nights I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

I've never had a heart attack (thank God), but from everything I had read and heard it felt like I was having one in my very own bed, with my wife still asleep right next to me. It had been years since I had been to a doctor, but even I knew this wasn't the kind of thing that could be ignored. 

I rushed to the emergency room and was immediately admitted. Thankfully my "scare" turned out to be nothing more than acid reflux brought on by - what else...stress.

I left the hospital greateful that my heart was still ticking, but on the way home my wife said something I'll never forget. She said...

"Is it going to take a real heart attack to actually get you to slow down?"

She had said things like this in the past but this time it really hit me.

There was no light at the end of the tunnel for me...not anytime soon at least. Unless I did something to change it, this would be my life 20, maybe even 30 years (assuming my body didn't give out before then).

20 - 30 years...that was simply a price I was unwilling to pay.

So the Next Monday I Did Something That Most Men Will Never Have the Guts To Do...

...I Quit My Job!

Next to my psuedo heart attack this was probably the scariest thing I've done in my life. After all, what kind of moron would leave a safe, secure 6-figure career?

Who does that kind of thing?

Simple: Someone with options.

And fortunately, thanks to Triad, I did have options...and you will too.

Once you understand the basics of the Triad System, you'll be ready for the "bells and whistles"...

But March of 2006, one of those “life-changing events” occurred that would change all that.

It happened while attending an advanced trading workshop in Houston, TX…

While at the workshop, I was struck by how almost everyone in attendance (including the expert speakers and panelists) were approaching their trading business in completely the wrong way. Virtually all of them had massive holes in their trading strategies and none had a method for trading during all three market conditions: trends, counter-trends and breakouts.

It was at that moment when I realized I had something…something that 99.9% of the active traders out there didn’t have:

A strategic formula for consistently pulling massive profits out of almost any market, no matter how that market is moving (up, down or sideways).

I knew then that I could no longer sit on the sidelines and allow so many traders to lose so much money due to some basic misunderstandings about the trading business. And that is why you are reading this page!

Oh and when when you get involved with Triad... I'm there to make sure you succeed, every step of the way - let's take a look at how...

Student Support & Constant Follow Up

When I began investing in educational products years ago, my biggest "pet peeve" was that the "guru" would disappear right after they made the sale. While the product may have been good, if I had questions, I had nowhere to turn. This drove me CRAZY!

That's why, when I started my company, I made a promise to myself to always provide student support so that the individuals who invested in my products could ultimately achieve the goals they had in mind in the first place. This is so important to me.

So let's examine all of the extra support "goodies" you get when you become an owner of The Triad System


"I Sincerely Want Traders of All Levels 
To Have Access To The Power Of Triad..."

And as you may be aware, television networks like CNN and CNBC and newspapers like the Wall Street Journal are happy to give you trading advice for free……and most of the time that’s exactly what the advice is worth: NOTHING!

Then there are the less-expensive “pseudo systems”. 

These “systems” (and I use that term VERY loosely) may offer sound “theory” and “advice”, but when it comes to your money is THEORY really good enough.

(I hope your answer is a resounding, “NO!”)

And then there are the trading “robots”…

Some of these robots are decent, but in the end they’re just “black boxes”, so you never know why you’re taking the trades you’re taking.

In my opinion, that’s NOT a recipe for long-term trading success. (Remember, I’m “teaching you to fish” AND “giving you the fish”…)

And finally, there are the real-world, tested and proven trading systems like TRIAD.

Most of these systems are closely held by institutional traders like banks and hedge funds…and few are ever offered publicly to individual traders like you.

And the ones that are sold to the public aren’t cheap…

In fact, $5000 and $10000 price tags are fairly standard (and in some cases they’re worth every single penny…)

At the $10,000 price-point, only the most elite traders will be able to afford these systems, and I sincerely want beginners and intermediate traders in this group as they can spread the word just as quickly (if not more so) as the more advanced traders.

…but even the best of these HIGH-END, professional trading strategies still don’t “auto-adapt” to all three market conditions like TRIAD does!

So arguably I would be justified in charging much more than even $5000 and $10000 systems that only work in one market condition…

But don't worry...

To keep these systems within the reach of all serious traders, I'll reduce the initial investment in Triad to FAR less than HALF of what other other developers are charging for just a single market system.

In other words, your required investment to participate in the Triad Trading Formula (and get access to all three systems described above) won't be $5000...

And to make it a total no-brainer, I’m going to do something that very few system developers will ever allow you to do…

I’m going to let you review TRIAD for a full 45 days. Install it on your computer…setup a demo account and see for your own eyes that it works.

If for some reason you don’t wish to be a TRIAD owner after the 45-day “review period”, just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your license fee…

…no questions asked.

All I ask is that you give TRIAD a fair try. Install the indicators…learn how they work and (mostly importantly) trade the system for the full 45-day period.

I don’t care if you trade it in a demo account the whole time…I just want you to give it a full 45 days to see with your own eyes that TRIAD works as well as I’ve described it.

With an offer like that, you have nothing to lose…

You either make money, or you don’t pay…it’s as simple as that.

So, here’s what you need to do NOW…

To become a TRIAD owner, just click on the “Add To Cart” button on this page, select your membership option and you’ll be granted INSTANT ACCESS to the Triad Trading Formula…

(DO IT NOW while TRIAD is still available…)

And I mean it when I say that I plan to pull TRIAD off the market…

I’m happy to offer my trading systems to the public as long as it doesn’t effect my own trading…

Fortunately, the Forex is a large enough market that a lot of traders can be using the exact same system without stepping on each others’ toes…

But even the Forex has its limits…

The fact is, I have removed TRIAD from the market in the past and I will do it again if I feel it’s necessary. 

So, if you want to become a TRIAD owner, I suggest you do it today…

To become a TRIAD owner, just click on the “Add To Cart” button on this page, select your membership option and you’ll be granted INSTANT ACCESS to the Triad Trading Formula…

Once again, my name is Jason Fielder…developer of the TRIAD TRADING FORMULA, and I look forward to seeing you in the members area…


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