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Teeka Tiwari - ETF Master Trader 8 DVDs in 1, include colour workbook 2009

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Product Description

How would you like to have a master trader show you, step-by-step, how to make $2.7 million trading ETFs?

Hedge-fund master and super-investor Teeka Tiwari has agreed to do just that. But there's a catch ...

He's only agreed to share his money-making secrets with the first 25 people to respond today.

Will YOU be one of them?

This DVD can be only viewed on personal PC only

Teeka Tiwari, CIO Point & Profit, As Seen of Fox

Dear Friend,

Good information...

It's the most powerful trading "secret" on Wall Street.

You and I know that average investors never really get access to it.

But that's not to say that good information doesn't exist.

It does.

Every day, it's used by pros to trade stocks, options, currencies or bonds in ways the average investor has no idea about. That's the difference between professional investors and amateur investors.

But once, maybe twice in a lifetime, a very unique opportunity comes along ... an opportunity to get information that most professional investors don't even know about ... an opportunity to get the tools that enable you to use that information to make money.

And that's the power of ETFs at this very moment in history.

For instance, in June of 2006, the entire Metals & Mining Sector collapsed. Virtually every analyst on Wall Street was telling their clients to avoid it like the plague.

But I was part of an unusually small group of investors quietly recommending the Metals & Mining Sector. Within months you could have made 624% in fast profits trading the Metals & Mining ETF (SYM: XME).

And that's just one trade.

Imagine you had this kind of information on not just one ETF, but five ... or ten.

And imagine having this information, constantly updated on all 44 sectors, not just one.

But how would you get it?

How do you – as an individual investor – get access to information that most professional investors aren't even aware of yet?

That's where I come in.

The most powerful trading secret on Wall Street

ETFs take advantage of the exact same trading system I've used for years to generate huge profits ... an ultra-sophisticated trading system that has taken me twenty years of my life to develop, test, fine-tune, test again, and prove.

Now that my trading system has been developed, tested and proven, I can honestly say that I'm one of a few people on Earth who can make real money trading them.

And I've got a list of winners – many of them made right before the eyes of our Tycoon Report readers – to prove it. Trades like ...

26.42% profits on the Japanese ETF (SYM: EWJ) ...

Or the 190% profit we saw trading the Oil Services ETF (OIH) last year ...

Or the 73.41% gains we saw on our Singapore ETF (SYM: EWS) trade ...

Or the 569% profit you could have made with the Financial Services ETF (SYM: XLF) in six weeks ...

Or the 35.64% profit we took on the South Korea ETF (SYM: EWY) ...

And of course let's not forget the 624% profits you could have made with the Metals & Mining ETF in 90 days.

Why on Earth Am I Letting the 2.7 Million Dollar "Cat Out of the Bag?"

You can say I'm doing it for "Mrs. Smith," a friend of mine.

Out of respect for her I can't go into too many details. I can mention two without fear of my life though because she doesn't even read The Tycoon Report, so it's unlikely she'll ever read this (She doesn't spend much time on the Internet. "No time for that stuff!").

Like many investors, Mrs. Smith began investing in the late 1990's with the goal of increasing her retirement funds. But she took advice from the wrong person. As a result, she was wiped out in the wake of the "dot com" meltdown.

Now if you ask her, she'll tell you that it was her "fault" for taking the advice in the first place ("I should've known better!"). And a part of me respects her for saying that.

But when I saw that her account was loaded with a virtual "Who's Who" of the biggest "dot com" flameouts, I knew that it was worse than just bad advice.

The stockbroker advising her (you know who you are) was beyond negligent – he was dangerous.

Sure, she won some of her money back in a settlement. But it couldn't have been much: she's 68 years old and still working on her feet all day long as a waitress at a local diner.

And that just burns the living heck out of me!!!!

What does that have to do with me creating the brand New ETF Master Trader System?

A little over a year ago, when I set out to create the original ETF Master Trader, I was motivated to respond quickly to the thousands of Tycoon Report readers who were emailing us every day, seeking answers to their questions about ETFs.

I looked around the marketplace and saw a number of products that self-proclaimed "ETF Experts" were foisting on unsuspecting investors ... and it made me sick.

I felt that I had to give our readers answers ... to look out for all the Mrs. Smith's in the World ... and make sure you weren't duped by slick marketing copy.

I put expediency first. Provided the answers our readers sought. And the original ETF Master Trader was born.

Many of our members loved the original course. Hundreds used the information it provided to make money.

But some complained that too much time and legwork was required.

And a few... including yours truly ... felt that the promise of ETF Master Trader went unfulfilled.

As the months passed, I continued to work at refining my ETF Master Trader system.

I discovered that the automation was critical to the evolution of the product ... so I created a long list of specific criteria and hired a team of computer programmers - accomplished specialists in building systems for professional stock market analysis - to work creating an automated version of my brain ... my proprietary ETF trading system.

The end result? Under my strict supervision, we have created ...

The World's First,
"Black Box"
ETF Trading System

Over a year in development, countless rounds of testing and many long hours of tweaking the system ... and I was finally ready to put my name behind it and release my "Black Box" trading system to the World ... I decided to call it, the Completely Automated Sector Hunter.

As the pieces all came together, the time was right to set the stage for launch.

Two months ago, I brought my new Product Manager, Mark Hirsch, onto the team. His first order of business was to discover what our original ETF Master Trader members liked about the course and what they didn't like. To learn how we could exceed your expectations.

Then, based on the feedback from our members, we recreated the educational program from the ground up.

The objective: to teach you, step-by-step, exactly how to use ETFs to Master the Markets... to demonstrate how the Completely Automated Sector Hunter ("CASH") functions ... so that you know what it looks for ... how it spots opportunities ... and how you can use the signals it outputs to maximize your trading profits while minimizing risk, stress and effort.

By design, CASH will output approximately 60 trading signals per year. Those signals identify when BIG money is moving Billion upon Billions of dollars into and out of sectors.

These events happen all the time ... but you'll never see them on CNBC.

Institutional money managers have had this sort of trading advantage at their disposal for many years. But never before has anything like the Completely Automated Sector Hunter been available to individual investors.

Since the creation of the original ETF Master Trader, we had countless requests for me to launch a full-service ETF newsletter...

But two things stopped me from doing this right away:

  1. I had just dedicated nearly a year of my life to the original ETF Master Trader for the express purpose of EDUCATING people so that they could trade ETFs profitably on their own. I had really taken the old adage about "teaching a man to fish" to heart.
  2. Between my hedge-fund, Point & Profit, my TV appearances and other business commitments, I barely even had time for my own family as it was. (I've never missed a school play or one of my daughters' recitals, and I don't ever want to.)

In other words, I had neither the inclination nor the time to launch a full-service ETF newsletter that would meet my standards of quality.

But that's when it hit me... if I could automate what I do ... if I could create a sophisticated computer program that would put "my brain in a box", that would automatically spit out recommendations according to my system, I wouldn't have to add any more work to my already full plate and neither would you.

Before I get into the details of how much money you can make with The World's First Fully-Automated "Black Box" ETF Trading System, I have to make something perfectly clear.

Call it a "full disclosure statement" if you like:

Absolutely, Under NO Circumstances Can You Reveal What You Will Learn!

And, Under NO Circumstances Can You Share CASH Alerts with ANYONE!

The secrets revealed within my New ETF Master Trader System and CASH Alerts are proprietary and confidential. Anybody caught violating our copyright will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We have to enforce our copyright because we want to maintain our profit advantage as long as we possibly can.

That's also why this New ETF Master Trader System will be released to only the first 25 people who enroll for new membership today.

But to understand how New ETF Master Trader System and the Completely Automated Sector Hunter can help you make big money (and avoid big losses) you first have to understand how ETFs work ...

Sector Trading: The Key to Getting Rich with ETFs

It's easy to understand ETFs if you think of them like mutual funds.

But unlike mutual funds, which try to beat indexes like the S&P 500 each year, ETFs try to mirror them.

If the S&P 500 trades 10 percent higher, the ETF that mirrors it will also trade 10 percent higher. If the S&P 500 index trades 12 percent lower, the ETF that mirrors it will also decline by 12 percent.

But it wasn't until a couple of years ago that a new breed of ETFs really came of age. That's because they don't just mirror the performance of indexes like the S&P 500 anymore... The new ETFs mirror the performance of entire industry groups, or sectors.

Like the Software Sector...
Or The Housing Sector...
Or the Energy Sector...

Here's an example of how ETFs mirror sectors, using the Oil Services sector as an example ...

It's no secret that I've been bullish on the Oil Services sector in recent years. Since I first wrote about it in The Tycoon Report on November 11th 2005, the entire sector has risen by 112%.

But the Oil Services sector, like all sectors, is comprised of dozens of individual stocks. That means that to mimic the performance of the entire sector, you'd have to be rich enough buy each and every individual stock in that sector.

You'd also have to have the time and the experience to research each stock to pick the best ones with the greatest profit potential, and to avoid a disaster like Enron.

Instead of buying all the stocks in the energy sector, you can now just buy shares of the Oil Service Holders ETF (SYM: OIH). Since the returns mirror the sector, investors who bought OIH when I turned bullish (and followed my system) made easy profits of 190%.

As you can see from above, knowing that the Oil Services Sector was making a big move was the key to making 190% profits on the Oil Services ETF.

Here's another example of why knowing which sectors to buy is the key to making money trading ETFs:

One Sector ... Two ETF Trades ... 624% in Total Profits

On May 15th 2006, I was two weeks away from launching my trading service, Point & Profit, when the market began to show some cracks and started to sell off. The sell-offs weren't big at first ... 150 points here, 175 points there. But the selling was consistent, steady and relentless.

It was the kind of selling that could only mean one thing: the "smart money" had decided to take their profits on the market-leading sectors like the Mortgage Lenders and head for greener pastures.

But what sectors were they going to now?

The Consumer Products Sector?

The Energy Sector?

The Telecommunications Sector?

While it was a bit too early to tell, I knew it wouldn't be long before I knew the answer.


Because big money leaves big footprints, like an elephant leaves footprint as he walks through the jungle.

But as with any hunter, the key to hunting profits is simply to know where to look.

It wasn't long before I discovered that big money was moving into the Metals and Mining Sector. The signal was as clear as a watchtower light in the middle of a dark night.

As always, they were doing it quietly, building massive positions before the rest of the investing public found out about it. But to me, that meant one thing: the Metals & Mining Sector had moved INTO favor. And that meant there was big money to make.

Because I knew the Metals & Mining Sector was in play, I recommended three stocks to members of Point & Profit: Inco, Phelps Dodge and Zinifex gave us profits of 74%, 126% and 61.79% respectively.

But last year, a new ETF was created to track the entire Metals & Mining sector (SYM: XME). Had it been created earlier, we could have made an additional 624% profits just from two simple trades with the ETF that I'll explain in a moment!

That's 886% in total profits, just because I was able to pick the right sector!

With the New ETF Master Trader System, You Won't Waste a Second Wondering Which Sectors or which ETFs to Buy...

The Completely Automated Sector Hunter will Pick the Sectors, Give you a Short List of the Top 3 ETFs AND the Top 3 Stocks You Can Buy to Take Advantage of That Signal!

As you can see from my examples above, the hardest part about trading ETFs is picking the right sectors to be in at any given time.

But you don't have to worry about that at all. With the New ETF Master Trader System, you'll get CASH Alerts in your email inbox every time there's an trading signal ... every time that a sector moves into our "strike zone"!

All in all, it may take you 20 minutes each week to get your CASH alerts and execute the step-by-step trading strategy that best fits your investing style.

As I said, the main reason people will fail at trading ETFs is that they will play too many of the wrong sectors. But with CASH alerts from World's First Fully-Automated "Black Box" ETF Trading System, the hardest part of the job is now completely automated!

3-Easy Steps to Million Dollar Profits!

The genius of the New ETF Master Trader System is that it's designed to be extremely easy to use.

All you have to do is take three easy steps for million dollar profits:

  1. Watch the DVDs so that you know how CASH works and what to do when you receive CASH alerts ... The DVDs provide nearly ten hours of very thorough instruction ... but I promise I won't bore you with unnecessary details ... you don't need to know how to build a jet engine to fly in an airplane. But you do need to watch the DVDs so that you understand how to use the signals given by World's First, Fully-Automated "Black Box" ETF Trading System.
  2. When you receive a CASH Alert ... choose from the short-list of ETFs and stocks provided, scroll down and follow the quick and easy instructions for placing your trade.
  3. Make you the absolute biggest profit possible from the coming sector move.

The New ETF Master Trader System was designed to be that simple.

You leave the hardest work to the Completely Automated Sector Hunter's highly-sophisticated programming. Even if you don't understand every aspect of how it identifies a sector on the move... or how it picks the ETFs and stocks best suited to maximize your profits, I do.

I have put 20 years of Wall Street trading experience into this system ... and I have been working with some of the most highly respected programmers in the World ... whose work in computerized stock market analysis is the backbone of a number of institutional trading systems that cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars to create.

CASH programming is based entirely on my methodology ... my proprietary trading formulas and specific trading criteria ... the same approach that has generated enormous wealth for me and my hedge fund clients.

And when CASH sends you an alert, you don't have to go looking to find the perfect ETF or stocks to play the sector move ... that information is delivered right to your email ... trading ETFs has never been as easy with the secrets you'll be learning in my New ETF Master Trader System and the signals generated by the Completely Automated Sector Hunter!

All in all, it may take you 20 minutes each week to achieve life-changing profits with ETFs.

Like Having Your Very Own ETF "Money Machine"

Owning the New ETF Master Trader System will be like having your very own secret ETF "money machine" that tells you WHAT to buy, WHEN to buy and HOW to buy (it covers the sell side too). But in order to use the "money machine", you have to know how to execute trades for each of the major trading signals that CASH constantly tracks ... the DVDs teach you how and provide twelve battle-tested trading strategies ... the same strategies that I use every day and have perfected over the past twenty years as a professional investor.

Now, I can't reveal all the details of how CASH picks winning sectors. The actual mathematical formula for selecting them is very complex and would bore you to tears. I'll just say that it's a system that constantly puts every sector through a grueling analytical "Boot Camp."

But look how easy it is to make money trading ETFs when you know which sectors to buy in advance ...

82%, 94%, and 99% Profits in a 100 Day Span ...

Once you know which sector to buy in advance, making money with ETFs is easier than you can imagine. One reason is because many sectors have more than one ETF that covers it.

Here's an example of how you could have made combined 274% profits last year when my system flashed three "buy signals" on three separate sectors ...

Sector Moving INTO Favor #1: The U.S. Commercial Real Estate Sector

Paul Knows the Secret

On April 3rd, my system generated a "buy signal" for the U.S. Commercial Real Estate Sector. In my mind this was a "slam dunk." The sector soon began to take off. Since there are three ETFs that cover that one sector, the flash alert on that one sector was good for fast profits of 94% ...

  • UP 35.5%: IShares Cohen & Steers Realty ETF
  • UP 30.23%: Vanguard Realty Trust ETF
  • UP 28.34%: Dow Jones US Real Estate ETF

    Average ETF Profits: 31.3% on each trade.

Sector Moving INTO Favor #2: The Telecommunications Sector

On July 16th, my sector identifying system generated a "buy signal" for the Telecommunications Sector. Like the US Commercial Real Estate Sector, the Telecommunications sector is covered by three separate ETF's, making profits of nearly 99% yours for the taking.

  • UP 28.97%: ML Telecom Holdr ETF
  • UP 27.37%: Vanguard Telecom ETF
  • UP 22.49%: IShares DJ Telecom ETF

    Average ETF Profits: 26.27% on each trade.

Sector Moving INTO Favor #3: The Utilities Sector

At around the same time as my system generated the above buy signals, we started to notice that the Utilities sector was about to make a move. Once again, if the New ETF Master Trader System and CASH had been available to you, you could have made a fast 82% gain trading the three separate ETFs that cover that one sector.

  • UP 19.2%: Dow Jones Utilities ETF
  • UP 20.31%: Spiders Utility ETF
  • UP 20.31%: Vanguard Utilities ETF
  • UP 22.5%: Holders Utilities ETF

    Average ETF Profits: 27.3% on each trade.

And that brings me to a very important point:

There isn't a hedge-fund manager I know who would waste their time trading ETFs if the most you could make was 82%, 94% or 98% profits.

It's profits of 252%, 650% and 2,400% that I'm after.

Let me show you how we'll make them ...

566% Profits – In 90 Days!

With the New ETF Master Trader System, you'll also learn how to make unlimited gains on small rises in the price of the underlying ETF.


Because I'll teach you how to harness the most powerful weapon in any trader's arsenal: Options.

Yes, a large number of ETFs trade options just like stocks!

Just like a stock option, an ETF option is the right to buy or sell a specific ETF at a specific price within a specific period of time. When you buy an option, you pay for the "right" to control 100 shares of an ETF for a pre-determined period of time.

As a matter of fact, with ETF options you can control more shares for less money – particularly if you're looking for fast profits and don't intend to hold onto the ETF for any length of time.

And here's the kicker: For the same reason that trading shares of an ETF is safer than trading shares of a single security (think buying the entire energy sector versus buying shares of Enron), trading options on ETFs gives you the same level of extra safety ... but with exponentially higher potential returns.

Here's an example using our Metals & Mining Sector (SYM: XME) trade.

At that time in 2006, the Metals & Mining ETF (SYM: XME) was selling for $36 a share. Now you could have bought 100 shares of XME for $3,600 outright, in which case you could have made a solid 58% on your money.

But that wasn't the trade with the biggest profits. For the same 3,600 bucks, you could have bought the March 38 Calls Options, which basically means that you wanted XME to rise in price.

By buying the options instead, the same 58% gain would have transformed into profits of 566%, or $20,400, in 90 days.

But what if you were wrong about the XME rising in price?

What if all hell broke loose and the Metals & Mining index dropped 10 points instead? The most you could ever lose was your original investment!

Unlimited upside potential – with known and limited risk ... another tremendous advantage you have trading ETF options.

How Would You Like 44% Average Profits on INTERNATIONAL ETF Trades?

The New ETF Master Trader System doesn't just show you sectors moving INTO and OUT OF favor in the U.S. – it works to help you find the most profit-packed foreign countries as well!

For instance ...

Using my system, you could have made 26.42%, 35.64%, and 73.41% profits on three easy Asian winners.

In December of 2005, I wrote a report for our members called Playing the China Boom.

The first recommendation was to buy the Japanese ETF (SYM: EWJ). In a few months, investors made easy profits of 26.42%.

In the same report, I also recommended buying the South Korea ETF (SYM: EWY) for another 35.64% in quick profits.

Last but not least, I also recommended investors load up on the Singapore ETF (SYM: EWS), which quickly gave investors 73.41% gains.

Now successes like these aren't unusual. In fact, they're almost standard.

Just look at some of the gains you could have made last year trading ETFs from around the world using the New ETF Master Trader System:

Step 1:

CASH tracks which COUNTRIES are moving INTO Favor ...

Step 2:

CASH spots the top performing ETFs to MATCH the country

Step 3:

You watch while your PROFITS pile up!

Malaysia IShares Malaysia Index (SYM: EWM) 48.15% Profits
Singapore iShares Singapore (SYM: EWS) 48.89% Profits
Mexico iShares Mexico Index (SYM: EWW) 43.00% Profits
China iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index (SYM: FXI) 39.60% Profits
Spain iShares MSCI Spain Index (SYM: EWP) 48.00% Profits
Australia iShares MSCI Australia Index (SYM: EWA) 35.75% Profits
Japan iShares MSCI Pacific ex-Japan (SYM: EPP) 33.44% Profits
Sweden iShares MSCI Sweden Index (SYM: EWD) 31.66% Profits
Belgium iShares MSCI Belgium Index (SYM: EWK) 29.95% Profits
Netherlands iShares MSCI Netherlands Index (SYM: EWN) 27.64% Profits
Germany iShares MSCI Germany Index (SYM: EWG) 27.40% Profits
Austria iShares MSCI Austria Index (SYM: EWO) 27.02% Profits

Another 569% and 650% in Easy ETF Profits

Before I go into the details of how you could have made these kinds of returns, I have a confession to make:

This is truly a wonderful market for ETF investors. In fact, it's easier to make money trading sectors than it has ever been in history! Why? Until now, the vast majority of small investors simply didn't have enough money to trade entire sectors. Only big money institutions could trade like that.

But with ETFs, now you can.

What does that mean? It means that you have a huge head start to making big profits in sector-trading ETFs before the rest of the world finally catches on.

In fact, I can't think of another single time in Wall Street history where the profit opportunities were as great as they are for individual investors ... but only for those who really know how to trade ETFs.

For example ...

On February 9th 2007, I told Point & Profit members that I had gone bearish on the entire brokerage sector. For a long time, I had expected the sector to sell off ... believing that the profit run they were on was cyclical and was soon coming to an end.

Now the ETF that represents the brokers is the Financial Select Sector ETF (SYM: XLF). With my head's up, you could have easily bought a "put" option on that ETF, which means you would have wanted XLF to trade lower. Just like clockwork, the value of those put options soared from 65 cents to $3.70. That was a 569% profit in less than 6 weeks!

Mark Knows the Secret

Right around the same time, I predicted that the Home Building Sector ETF (SYM: XHB) was also headed for a fall. To bet on the drop, all you would have had to do is spend $40 for one put option contract. How valuable was that information?

Within weeks you could have made incredible 650% profits!

These are just two small examples of sector trades that would have produced spectacular returns for anybody who traded the ETF based on the kind of sector timing information I'm ready to give you today.

Using the New ETF Master Trader along with the World's First Fully-Automated "Black Box" ETF Trading System is the Best Way to Get Very Rich, Very Quickly with ETFs

Chris Heflin with Teeka Tiwari
"I feel like a totally changed trader after the seminar in Florida. The first couple of weeks I thought it had to be a change in the market or some other external factor that was causing such a marked change in my short-term trading ability. But even almost 6 weeks into using what I learned (re-learned?) in Delray Beach, I continue to have great success. It seems that Teeka's lessons were just the prescription for what ailed my portfolio. Granted, I've seriously re-tooled my money and position management as well, but even some of those ideas came out of conversations with Teeka and other students at the course. With the addition of "CASH" and given that the system can be applied to almost any investment vehicle, I can't imagine a more complete or more successful way to trade." – Chris Heflin (one of the original ETF Master Trader students and among the first people in the World to learn the ETF trading secrets that you are about to learn).

Where else can you routinely double and triple your money in a matter of weeks? Where else is it not unusual to make 569% or 650% profits on your money in a month or two? (As you'll soon see, you could have done it quite recently.)

Now, I know you may have heard that ETFs are the next big thing. But the reality is that most people who trade ETFs will end up losing, and losing BIG. Why?

Because most people who trade ETFs won't even know which sectors to pick!

So they'll lose. And lose often.

But today, you have a very special money-making opportunity right in front of you.

Today only a small handful of Wall Street professionals, like yours truly, know how to trade ETFs to win.

I know how ETFs really work, and I can see the telltale signs of an impending movement in a given ETF well before that move happens.

I understand the undercurrents of how money moves from sector to sector – and how inflows or outflows will affect any given ETF.

And now that system is revealed to you in a step-by-step home study course ... 8 DVDs, nearly ten hours of video, Companion and Quick Reference Guide books, live tutorials, an online "Web 2.0" members area, unique trading tips, real-life case studies – plus a whole lot more!

Make More Money than You Ever Thought Possible ... No Matter How Little ETF Trading Experience You Have

You've been selected to receive this offer today because you made the wise decision to enroll in my "Secrets of a Hedge Fund Master" email series.

That means that the door is wide open to you to gain entry into a world of profitable trading that no other individual investor has ever seen.

In fact, you're just minutes away from getting your hands on the New ETF Master Trader System – the first program of its kind, from (please forgive the immodesty) one of the most accomplished ETF traders in the world.

With the New ETF Master Trader System and the Completely Automated Sector Hunter, you'll learn exactly which ETFs to buy, and you'll know exactly when to buy them. You'll also learn HOW to buy them with simple, step-by-step profit-playing strategies that will allow you to squeeze every drop of profit out of an ETF trade ... without spending all day in front of a computer screen... without all the stress ... without all the research ... without all the heavy-lifting ... and without risking a lot of money.

In just months, weeks, or even days, you could very well be making more money than you ever dreamed possible.

That's why I'm convinced that this is a "once in a lifetime" profit opportunity for you.

But to make big money, you have to move fast ... before the general public discovers the secrets behind my battle-tested methodology. Once the "cat's out of the bag" and everyone knows the score, it will be too late.

These Profits Are Yours for the Taking ...

Not every ETF you trade will be a winner. But with the principles laid out in The New ETF Master Trader System and the exclusive trade alerts you'll get from the Completely Automated Sector Hunter ... you'll learn when and how to trade ETFs ... and you'll be served up CASH signals along with ETF and Stock selections that are perfectly positioned to make you fast profits that average in the 50% range.

Over time, your profits will be substantially more, as you become more familiar with the many trading strategies you can use with the system.

Now remember, you don't need a bull market to make money trading ETFs. That's because there are always different sectors moving in and out of favor. And that means that – regardless of the direction of the market – you'll be able to make money.

You'll Make Money and Have Fun

Which brings me to another benefit of owning the New ETF Master Trader System ...

It makes trading a whole lot of fun!

It's true. There's nothing quite as exhilarating as waking up one morning to find out that your ETF investment has doubled, tripled – even quadrupled – while the general market has traded sideways.

Imagine your excitement the first time you make 200% profits on an ETF you buy.

Something else I'd like you to know ...

It doesn't matter if you're an "ETF Pro" or a "first time" beginner – you can begin profiting from the New ETF Master Trader System right away. Just watch the DVDs, and when you receive a CASH alert, open your email ... then follow a few simple steps to profit ... it's like getting a recipe for making money delivered to your computer at just the right time.

It doesn't matter if you're a professional trader on Wall Street or brand new to the stock market – you will understand this system and will be able to trade immediately.

Exactly What You Get With the New ETF MASTER TRADER System

Other investing education programs try to drown you in buckets of useless information. You have to go through hundreds of hours of cruddy videos, CDs and books just to find the one small nugget of useful information!

I guess they figure you'll be too impressed by the brightly-colored packaging and sheer volume of material to give a second thought to whether their "advice" could actually make you money.

But the New ETF Master Trader System was designed to break the mold.

It was designed to give you the meat of ETF trading without all the fat. Each unit is packed with valuable information. Every lesson is easy to understand.

I personally take you by the hand and go through my methodology step-by-step-by-step.

Here's a detailed look at what you'll get ...

The New ETF Master Trader System Part #1: 8 DVD series
"Using ETFs to Master the Market"

If you really want to learn more about successful ETF trading, you'll be an old pro once you finish watching over nine hours of intensive, one-on-one education in my 8 DVD series, "Using ETFs to Master the Markets."

It's everything you'll ever need to know about ETF trading. You'll learn everything you might feel silly asking an ETF pro – like the subtle differences between investing in international and domestic ETFs ... where to buy them ... and how the movements in a specific sector can affect the performance of your ETF.

You'll also learn – in more detail than I could ever share with you here – the fundamental rules to follow for ETF trading success, so that you, too, can apply them to your own ETF trading and think and act like a trading professional.

You'll know more about ETFs than 90% of the people writing ETF trading newsletters!

But in addition to the basics, you'll also learn how to really make some serious profits.

You'll discover:

  • What kind of ETF you should never, never, never buy (yet it's the one most people do buy)

  • ETF strategies you can use to protect your stock portfolio

  • How to minimize risk on any ETF trade (one simple thing you should do every time)

  • How to super-size your ETF returns with the aid of ETF options

  • How to use Inverse ETFs to avoid catastrophic losses – and even profit – from volatility

  • Detailed instructions for managing your trades – i.e. when to take profits, how to let your winners ride, and how to limit your losses when a trade goes against you.

The New ETF Master Trader System Part #2: The Companion and Quick Reference Guides
Follow Along with the DVDs and Learn the Secrets of a Master Trader.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: There's nothing like watching your money double, triple ... even quadruple in value investing in ETFs. And the best thing is ... it's never been easier!

Your education in ETF Mastery goes way beyond the DVDs. You'll follow right along with me in the comfort of your own home with your HUGE Companion Guide ... as if I was right there with you, providing step-by-step instructions.

It won't be long before you're trading ETFs for big profits directly from the comfort of your own home, without my help and with complete confidence!

You'll have a front-row seat as I walk you step-by-step through my process for researching and picking actual ETF investments. I'll show you how I find the best ETFs to trade CASH signals from every conceivable angle.

Each step is broken down, analyzed and dissected. Best of all, you can go over the material at your own speed as many times as you need.

And don't worry, you won't have to lug around your Companion Guide with you. I've included a Quick Reference Guide with strategic checklists that match your trading style. The Quick Reference Guide was designed in a small format so you can just throw it in your bag or briefcase and take it along with you.

Keep one at home and one in the office so that you can refer back to the material whenever you like.

By the time you're done watching the videos and reading the books, you'll know how to profit from ETF opportunities before they happen.

And to remove every last shred of guesswork out of your trades:

ETF Master Trader System Part #3: The Completely Automated Sector Hunter
A Revolution in ETF Trading; CASH is, Quite Literally the World's First Fully-Automated, "Black Box" ETF Trading System.

You Won't Waste a Minute of Your Life Wondering Which ETFs to Buy ... or What Stocks to Buy in a Sector that is Moving Into Favor ... CASH Will Find Them For You!

Dozens of Profitable Trades Can be Made on Every CASH Alert ... Every Email You Receive Gives You a Real Shot to Make a Million Dollars!

It's Like Having a Team of Mathematicians and Stock Market Analysts Constantly Watching the Markets, Comparing and Filtering Thousands of Stocks ... to Spot Opportunities for You!

Because of the incredible profits at stake and my desire to really help you make millions with your ETF investing ... I have included a three month subscription to the Completely Automated Sector Hunter with your membership in the New ETF Master Trader System ... a subscription that on its own could be worth millions of dollars in profits.

Obviously, the hardest parts about trading ETFs are: knowing how to pick the right sectors ... knowing which ETFs to buy ... and knowing When to buy and How to Buy... but you don't have to worry about that at all.

With your purchase of the New ETF Master Trader System, you'll get three months of free access to CASH ... a $597 value ... and you can take those three months to take it for a test drive ... or add those three months to an annual CASH subscription and Get 6 of those Months Absolutely FREE.

With all the legwork done automatically, all in all, it may take you 20 minutes a week to manage your investments... and make more money than you ever thought possible.

As I said before, the main reason people will fail at trading ETFs is that they play too many of the wrong sectors and don't know WHAT to buy, WHEN to buy or HOW to buy.

But with the New ETF Master Trader System and your CASH alerts, the answers are already provided, making profits is all you have to do!

And the Best Part: There's Not a Better Investment Value Around!

Perhaps you're wondering what it costs to own an education program as potentially profitable as New ETF Master Trader System. Nobody knows the value of good, sound investment information as well as I do.

As a hedge-fund manager who only makes money when I make profitable trades, I know that great information is the most valuable commodity on Earth.

In fact, from where I stand, I don't know one level-headed investor who wouldn't pay $5,000 or more for the kinds of profits you'll learn how to make in New ETF Master Trader System.

Especially when you consider that this is the "golden era" of ETFs.

With the lessons you'll learn in New ETF Master Trader System, you'll have a serious advantage ... the kind of profit opportunity that comes along once in a lifetime!

But you won't pay $5,000 – or even $2,500 – the cost of many popular ETF investing services run by people who don't have the first idea of how to make money consistently trading ETFs.

I learned that first-hand recently when I signed up for a couple of "competing" ETF services just to research what was out there.

At Tycoon, you know we don't do things that way. We're not interested in getting rich off you. We want you to succeed – and that's why we're charging you the lowest price we can for the information, knowledge and revolutionary trading tools that we're providing.

In fact,

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